Kayevon and Jonathan


How We Met: Jon and I met back in 2008 through a mutual friend (Dean Patrick Ramirez) during a gathering at his home. Believe it or not, Jon had asked me if i can “shotgun” a beer with him, meaning consume a beer quickly by punching a hole on the side of the can! Of course, i didn’t do it… But ever since then, Jon kept in contact with me thru social media in which eventually led to countless hours of phone conversations. What connected us the most is how passionate and motivated we were in achieving our career goals. I find it rare to find someone who is determined and goal oriented about their future, so automatically i was attracted to these traits. Together we set out to accomplish our goals together. Today he is a firefighter and i am a recreation therapist, and it is an amazing feeling knowing that we did this TOGETHER.

Back to when we first met…The first time we ever hung out without any of their mutual friends present was during a Christmas party at his cousin Anthony’s house in Irvine. It just happened that i was also in town for the holidays since her family lived just the next city down. We hit it off immediately and knew there was something there that we wanted to explore further.  When we both came back to the Bay, we had out very first date where Jon took me to my favorite Thai restaurant.  Soon after, Jon made a bold move by asking me if i wanted to go on a weekend trip to Monterey where we spent the day at the aquarium and the evening on a beach. Jon asked me to be his girlfriend during this trip on April 4th, 2009.

how they asked: The day after Thanksgiving, Jon had asked me if I wanted to go out on a date in the city of San Francisco. Of course I said yes, not knowing exactly what we were doing. He parked at the Sheraton Hotel along the pier where we got picked up by a driver. The driver then took us to the backside private entrance of SFO airport where I found out I was going to get on my very first helicopter ride around the Bay. Amazing breathtaking view on such a perfect date! Couldn’t get any better, I thought. After the helicopter went under and over the Golden Gate Bridge…. he proposed! Of course he had a whole speech prepared, but I was in such shock that all I heard was “I love you, will you marry me?” I cannot believe he proposed while we were up in the air overlooking the Bay above the bridge. I was speechless. Never have i expected such an amazing proposal.