Kaycie and Dillon

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how we met

Dillon and I met in 5th grade P.E. class technically. He sat behind me, but I do not really remember him then. I knew him in high school but did not really hangout. We just thought each other were cute (we found that out later obviously). We really reconnected our freshmen year of college. I went to DBU for volleyball and he went to Richland college for baseball. We both went to church at First Baptist Church of Red Oak and my sister had invited me to play volleyball on a Tuesday night at the church. Dillon was there and that is when our friendship started. We became best friends within a couple of months. We hung out all of the time. However, that is all we were really for a couple of years. We flirted all of the time but never took the next step. It was not until the fall of 2013 that we took the next step. We started going on official dates and had our first kiss. On December 14, he cooked me a steak dinner and officially asked me to be his girlfriend. We had been such good friends for so long that it was so easy going from friends to being more than friends. We had a solid foundation.

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how they asked

Dillon was about to start paramedic school and that meant that we were not going to be able to go on a date for a while so he told me that he wanted to take me on a nice date. If you know me, you know that I rarely dress up or do anything super nice with my hair, but for some reason that night I wanted to curl my hair and paint my nails (thank goodness). I did not have ANY suspicion that he would pop the question that night because we had talked about not getting engaged for another year. Anyways, he took me to the Los Colinas River Walk. We just started walking around “looking for a place to eat”. We saw a gondola boat and we both made comments on how romantic that would be. Well a few minutes later, we saw the boat docked and Dillon asked if I wanted to take a ride on it. Well, I was hungry and really wanted to eat so I said no. Dillon persisted and I was being really stubborn. Finally Dillon just went up to the guide to ask for a ride and so I felt compelled to go then. Well, the guide brought sparkling cider and chocolate cake onto the boat and it had rose pedals and blankets on board as well. I remember leaning over to Dillon asking if he could afford this!

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Well we took off and the guide started telling us about the buildings around us–and then he started singing. It was kind of awkward at first so me and Dillon were laughing but then we decided to just go with it. We went by this waterfall and the guide turned our attention to a bottle that was floating in the water. He asked Dillon to pick it up out of the water and then told me that there was something inside for me.

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At this point, I was thinking “oh this is just what this company does for all of the girls to make it more romantic.” Well I opened up the letter that was inside the bottle and literally just saw the last line and it said “So will you grow old with me?” I was a little confused and the saw the first line that said my name and I looked at Dillon and said “Oh wow it is even personalized!” I finally read the actual letter and then realized what was actually happening. The next time I looked up Dillon was on one knee with the super shiny ring in his hand.

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My mind was going crazy and I was so overwhelmed because he caught me completely by surprise. I think I said of course and then he put the ring on my hand. The guide then told me to look up and wave because someone was taking pictures of us. Dillon had hired one of our friends to capture the entire moment–he did so good! Well after I calmed down a bit, I asked him if my parents knew because I did not know if they would say yes with both of us being in school. Well, Dillon told me no and I started freaking out, but then told me he was just kidding and that of course they knew. After the boat ride, he took me to Texas Roadhouse where he surprised me with all of my family and a few of our friends. It was a fantastic night and I had no idea about any of it!

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