Kayce and Brooks

How We Met

Kayce and I met by a mutual friend being persistent that we talk to each other in September 2017. We are from different towns, so we never really ran across each other or knew anything about the other. Our mutual friend persuaded Kayce to step out of her comfort zone and send me a Facebook friend request, followed by a Snapchat friend request a month later. What started as a casual conversation about me being in class at work, turned into an all day conversation on Snapchat. I eventually got the nerve up to ask her for her number so we could talk more on text. From that first day of sending a Snapchat, we never stopped talking.

We talked about 2 weeks before I got the nerve to ask her to go on a date with me (I hadn’t met her in person yet). We ended up going to Dave & Busters in Myrtle Beach that day and ended the date with some sushi and seafood on the waterway. It was a long ride back home at night after all that, but the conversation and the smiles never stopped. I knew she was exactly what I wanted but I pretended we were “just friends” for about 2 months even though we went on “dates” every weekend.

After 2 months of being “just friends” I asked her to go to the mountains with me for a nice weekend getaway in October. The mountains had always been very special to me and I wanted to share that experience with her. That weekend we “officially” started dating. I knew without a doubt that she liked me as much as I liked her, even though I tried to hide it.

How They Asked

Fast forward to November 2018…we had been happily dating for a while. Kayce had some classes she had to take over the weekend in Boone, NC. I used this as a perfect excuse to tag along and have some time hiking in the mountains with my dog. While I was there I was researching different overlooks and trails to explore. Somehow I stumbled upon Wisemen’s View overlook. After seeing that beautiful view, I KNEW this would be a perfect place to ask her to marry me. The scenery was amazing and it was several miles up a rough dirt road, so it wasn’t overly crowded. The lyrics to Scotty McCreery’s “This Is It” reminded me of this place, and I wanted it to happen exactly like that.

I knew I wanted to have some professional photos to capture the moment and the scenery behind us. I did some googling and found all of the reviews you had for your photography business were 5 stars. That’s when I contacted you to start with the “plan”. I planned another mountain vacation to celebrate my birthday and enjoy the Christmas lights around the area. I decided to do the proposal on my birthday…it was our second day of our trip so I didn’t have to hold the secret to myself too long and it also gave me the excuse to do everything I wanted to do that day without her questioning me.

On the day of the proposal I was able to plan “my day” how I wanted it because I knew I had a time frame of when I was supposed to arrive at Wisemen’s View overlook. Kayce never second guessed me, she just thought I was wanting to do all this for my birthday. When we arrived it was only us two, along with you and your husband posing as amateur photographers wanting to build a nice photo gallery. You approached us asking to take some photos and we both obliged. I asked Kayce if she wanted to take off her jacket to make the photos better, but she said it was too cold and she wanted to keep hers on. That’s when I knew she was completely unaware of what was happening. We took a couple of photos, then I received the cue from you to get on one knee and ask her to marry me. You can tell from our expressions in the photos, that it was one of the happiest moments of our lives. We will be getting married May 11th and absolutely cannot wait to start our future together.

Special Thanks

Meghan Rolfe Photography
 | Photography
Linville Gorge
 | Location