Kaya and Ryan

Kaya and William Ryan's Engagement in Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

How We Met

When I met Ryan, I knew right away that he was “the one”, which sounds silly, but I really did. We met in a psychology of relationships class in university. Most study sessions together, Ryan made me laugh until tears were streaming down my face. As we studied relationships together, our friendship gradually developed into one.

We had been together for four wonderful years when he proposed. We had witnessed so many milestones together, from our graduation from our undergraduate degrees, my masters degree, moving in together, and adopting one (adorable) cat together.

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To say that the night that Ryan proposed to me was completely perfect would be an understatement. Words cannot describe how happy I am! Even a few weeks later, when I look down at the ring he designed I still feel like this is a wonderful, magical dream.

Our mutual love of travel brought us to Spain in September 2017. We were excited to eat tapas (and pintxos!), swim in the ocean, and most importantly, spend time together. We found a beautiful part of Spain in the Basque Country calling Donostia-San Sebastian, and within a few minutes upon arriving, declared that it was one of the most beautiful places we had ever been. It was nestled right on the ocean, with an incredible food and surfing culture, not to mention the heart-wrenchingly beautiful architecture.

One morning, Ryan and I went jogging along the beach to a pier where the waves crash on the rocks and there are sculptures embedded in the rocks. He asked me to take a picture of him with the sculptures, when all of a sudden a rogue wave came up (it must have been about 9 feet tall) and drenched Ryan from head to toe. He was in shock, partially as the Atlantic Ocean is extremely cold in the early morning, although I could not stop laughing. I was happy to have my camera ready the second it happened!

We spent the rest of the afternoon having a beautiful lunch on the ocean, hiking up Monte Urgull, and lying on the beach. It was shaping up to be about as perfect as a day could possibly be. To top it off, we were having a tasting menu dinner at Kokotxa, a Michelin-Star restaurant, which we were both extremely excited for. Dinner was at 9:15pm, so I had a little while to get ready at our apartment.

The apartment we rented during our stay there had a beautiful terrace that looked over the ocean and the city of Donostia-San Sebastian. At 8:00pm, Ryan knocked on the door to our bedroom. I had just finished getting ready for dinner. When I opened the door, he held out a flower for me, and led me out by the terrace. I saw a bottle of champagne and two glasses waiting for us on the table. It was sunset, and the sky was turning a hazy pinky-orange. I turned to him and his face had a nervous, excited expression. He told me that he had written a poem for me. At that point I clued into what was happening, and began crying very happy tears.

The last part of the poem is unforgettable. “There is nothing I would change in my life except one thing. Kaya, will you be my wife?”


I was shocked, excited and surprised, and throughout the whole experience felt like I was in a dream.We celebrated with champagne overlooking the ocean, and I shouted from the terrace to the city of Donostia-San Sebastian that we were engaged! My hands were shaking as we drank champagne and I felt a delirious happiness to be sitting across from my fiance that I felt incredibly grateful for.

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We spent the first few hours as an engaged couple eating incredible food, drinking wine, and toasting to our futures. I cannot wait to have all kinds of adventures together with Ryan for the rest of our lives.

Life is wonderful.