Kay and Javi

how we met

Kay studied abroad in Madrid when she was in college for a semester and fell in love with Spain. That was the first time she met Javi, but they were just friends. She made a promise to herself to come back to Madrid after college to spend a year improving her Spanish, supporting herself teaching English, and traveling around Europe. The second time she came back to Madrid, she reconnected with Javi and this time sparks flew. They started dating in 2012 in Madrid, got engaged in 2015 in the Philippines, and got married in 2016 in California.

how they asked

Kay and Javi had already committed to one another in early 2015, but he started planning with Kay’s sister, Kara, to propose. Javi and Kara knew that Kay liked a specific jeweler (that Kay would mention often as an example of a great brand story to clients) in San Francisco, where Kara lived. Since Kara knew her sister’s style, she plotted with Javi to purchase and pick up the ring for Kay in San Francisco. The plan was then to bring the ring with her to the Philippines, where Kay, Kara, their parents and Javi were scheduled to meet for Christmas. Javi and Kay flew in from Spain. Kara flew with her parents from California with the ring in tow. Javi then proposed to Kay in paradise in El Nido, while Kara secretly filmed the whole thing and only revealed herself when Kay said “yes”. Javi and Kay spent the rest of the trip celebrating the engagement with their friends and relatives.

Special Thanks

Heather K. Purdy
 | Photography