Kay and Dennis

How We Met

We met through mutual friends, mainly through social media. Long before I ever met my future husband in person, my cousin sent a group text to a bunch of our girlfriends one day. She included a random guy’s Instagram account and suggested that we watch all his videos and follow this guy named Dennis because he had so many hilarious videos and he was such a funny guy. I loved and adored his humor, especially in his videos. We became friends and mutually began leaving comments for each other. A week or so later, I messaged him asking about where I could buy Cronuts and the rest is history. :)

How They Asked

After several years of dating, Dennis & I were in Oxnard visiting my side of the family for the Christmas weekend. My cousins suggested we take family photos at the beach before our Christmas party that night. I thought that sounded like a good plan, so I went out shopping with my cousins and Dennis stayed back with the guys. Not knowing this was all in his master plan, I told him that the girls might be a while, so I’d meet him at the beach later for the family photoshoot.

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After spending the afternoon with my cousins, we drove to the beach and one of my cousins met us on the street once we parked to lead us to the photoshoot location. I didn’t see any clear walkways for public beach access since it was a more secluded area with beautiful beach-front homes. As we were walking, she mentioned that we had to sneak through the side area of someone’s house to get to the beach, so technically we were trespassing. I was in the front as we were walking through the little walkway and as soon as I saw the beach, I instantly recognized my dog next to a cute setup of roses and decor, and my boyfriend standing there in a suit!

Proposal Ideas Channel Islands Beach, CA

I was in complete shock and immediately realized that this wasn’t a photo shoot for my family at all. This was about to be the proposal of my dreams! Instant waterworks as I walked towards him with the beautiful golden sunset behind us. It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more.

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I could barely gather my thoughts before the man of my dreams and my very best friend knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!!

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I cried in his arms and after a minute or two, I glanced to the side and spotted one of my best girlfriends- who also happens to be a professional wedding photographer. In shock, I looked back towards the beach house we had snuck past, and saw all of my extended family, along with our closest friends who drove up north, 3 and a half hours just to witness our proposal! My amazing fiance had rented the perfect beach house for this unforgettable celebration! They all came running out to hug and congratulate us.

Kay and Dennis's Engagement in Channel Islands Beach, CA

Of course, there were ugly cries for days! This was the most magical and beautiful proposal ever. Seriously the best day of my life!!

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