Kay and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met at a pretty unlikely place. I had just moved to San Francisco for school and agreed to go to San Bruno to run an errand with my roommate. Afterwards, we decided to grab a bite and some happy hour. Only problem is the only thing around was a BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery. Walking into the restaurant from the parking lot I met eyes with a handsome man. He kept looking at me in the restaurant and even went the wrong way to the bathroom to make sure I saw him. After dinner, we congregated outside of it as my roommate really wanted me to talk with him. He was shy, so his brother made him come outside to talk to me. We hit it off after he asked me where I got my eye glasses. I told him “from my optometrist, duh” and I think he liked my bluntness. We had our first date the next day at Dolores Park and a beer bar that we still frequently go to with our friends and family.

how they asked

It was my birthday, I was feeling tired and definitely catching a cold. Daniel had planned a nice birthday dinner for him and I at a cute restaurant in Russian Hill. As I got home from work, I begged not to go and instead stay in and rest. It was raining, I felt sick and nothing sounded better. He insisted that he wanted to take me out for my birthday, made me get ready and called a car. Once at the restaurant, I was feeling a lot better. The bottle of wine definitely helped. We were seated at the window and we both remarked what a wonderful view it was. We decided after dinner to walk down the street to take some pictures. For some reason he kept shouting “Niners!” while we walked down the street. He is pretty ridiculous so it didn’t really spark me as anything unordinary. I was unaware that he was cuing a photographer that we were in place. As I was fixated on this Prius that couldn’t park, I turned to Daniel as he dropped to one knee. I immediately bursted into tears and for some reason kept saying “no no no!”. I think I was in shock. He said some words (that neither of us can remember) and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

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We embraced and then I noticed a loud shutter noise. I turned and saw the photographer (our friend Bryan Romero) and immediately lost it. I was shocked, full on pasta, maybe a little tipsy and overwhelmed. So I did the natural thing and laid down in the rain in the middle of the road. Daniel finally got me to stand back up and we couldn’t stop smiling. We took a few more photos and couldn’t help but hug each other as hard as we could. I am so thankful I get to spend my life with this amazing man, my best friend.

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Special Thanks

Bryan Romero
 | Photographer