Kay and Alex

How We Met

Over 5 years ago, we both swiped right. #TinderForTheWin! The photo of him playing guitar won me over, while Alex claims my smile did the trick for him. We set up a date for the next Saturday, at a trendy new taco place in Columbus, Bakersfield. We put our names in for a table (a short 30-minute wait), grabbed drinks and headed out to the patio to await our text notification. Between the chips, guac, margs and a great conversation, we didn’t notice we’d been on the patio waiting for a table far longer than expected.


An hour and forty-five minutes had passed and we hadn’t even noticed! The restaurant accidentally skipped us, apologizing and providing even more chips and guac to make up for it – score! We enjoyed our tacos, finished our drinks and decided we weren’t ready to part ways just yet. He offered to take me to Jeni’s Ice Cream, which of course I was excited for, it’s the best ice cream in Columbus / the world. We walked down the street to his red Jeep Wrangler. He got my door and we drove off to Jeni’s, wrapping up a perfect night with some perfect ice cream.

How They Asked

After years of talking about it, we pulled the trigger and planned our dream European vacation – Iceland, Ireland, France, and Germany. In July of 2018, we boarded our flight to Iceland, ready for an adventure of a lifetime. We trekked through Iceland, exploring the Blue Lagoon, hiking to waterfalls, trying new cuisine and soaking it all in. After that, we flew to Germany. I stayed in Cologne during my study abroad trip and absolutely fell in love with the city. I couldn’t wait to show Alex around, plus he was excited to visit the country for his own reasons. His grandfather lived in Germany until his twenties, so Alex grew up hearing his Opa speak German and tell stories from his youth. We visited the Dom, got spaghetti, drank Kölsch and walked through the town. Later that evening Alex suggested taking a cruise on the Rhine, so we walked down toward the river. He kept telling me he wanted to walk left, but I kept telling him the ticket office was right – “I’m the one who has been here before, it’s this way, come on!” He told me he wanted to see the Kaiser Wilhelm statue first, so I rolled my eyes and agreed.

Where to Propose in Cologne, Germany

The statue is at the edge of the Hohenzollern Bridge (aka the love lock bridge of Cologne), so he suggested we walk across. He goes “look at all of those locks,” and I said, “aww wish we had one too.” I looked back at him and he was pulling the lock AND a RING out of his pocket! When he got down on one knee, the whole world stopped.

The lock said “will you marry me?” and then he officially asked, to which of COURSE I said yes!!!!

Kay's Proposal in Cologne, Germany

People stopped to watch and a clapped for us, then I turned around to see a photographer! She came over and introduced herself, then we snapped some more ‘just engaged’ pictures. After our fairytale moment, we celebrated with wine and dinner by the river, with a view of the spot where we just promised each other forever.

The rest of our European trip was all about celebrating our engagement, from the small towns of Germany to Paris then Ireland, we clinked glasses and said ‘cheers’ to our happily ever after!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cologne, Germany

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