Kavita and Ricky


How We Met

Ricky and Kavita met 10 years ago through a very close friend and became best friends instantly. They clicked so well that they kept each other in the friend zone throughout those 10 long years… one day it clicked! Ricky & Kavita were in love! On the 1st October 2016 the happy pair made it official and around 4 months later, Ricky knew that it was time to make Kavita his for the rest of his life!

how they asked

Ricky loves to surprise Kavita with lavish gifts, so for his proposal he knew that he had to do something extraordinary and came to The Proposers (The UK’s & Europe’s leading Romantic Events & Marriage Proposal Planners) for help.

He loves the proposals we have created in The Shard and wanted something similar for his own proposal.

To make sure that Kavita had no idea what was going to happen Ricky asked her friend to invite her to a fake engagement party for her brother. When getting ready for the party Kavita had no idea that she was in fact getting ready for her own engagement!

After getting ready in the Jumeriah Carlton Tower Kavita and her friend were ready to leave. As they walked out of the hotel Kavita was shocked when she was stopped by a stranger (The Proposers undercover planner), who handed her a giant, beautifully wrapped box.

When she opened the box a balloon filled with heart shaped confetti floated out, revealing the words, “I love you forever”, on the side.

Kavita loves luxury cars so Ricky arranged for her to be taken from Jumeriah Carlton Tower to a location unknown to her in a chauffeured Range Rover


Once she arrived at The Shard, Kavita was taken to a private room…


Pushing open the door to the room Kavita was astounded when she saw the beautiful scene in front of her.


Each easel held a canvas that reflected the couples past, present and future.

The final canvas contained some VERY exciting words!


As Kavita was reading the final canvas Ricky appeared from behind her…

And asked Kavita to marry him…

and she said YES!

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