Kavita and Kevin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Central Park
Kevin and I first met in our freshman year of high school. The first class we had together was Chemistry. I sat in the back of the class, while he sat at the front. My first impression of him was that he was a very sweet person. He was polite when he spoke to anyone and was overall very friendly, he gained friends rather quickly. As our years at high school progressed, we had many other classes together and we built a friendship. For the last two years of high school, we both opted to join the Dental Assisting Program that was being offered at the time. From here, our friendship grew much closer as we now saw each other everyday and he sat right behind me in class. My three closest friends and his three closest friends became a close group and we have stayed that way till this very day. Kevin and I also ended up interning at the same Dental Office before we graduated.

In our senior year for prom, my best friend and I decided that we should all get a limo. No one asked me to prom, and Kevin had not asked anyone to go to prom either. There were a bunch of other single friends in the limo as well, so we did not feel embarrassed that we had no dates to prom. Love for food is one thing Kev and I shared, and we could not wait to see what great food was in store for us at the prom. We had a competition to see who could eat more at cocktail hour, needless to say, he won. We have a prom photo that was taken of us, and we had no idea that that photo would come to mean a lot to us years down the road.

High school flew by and then came college. Kevin and I lost touch after high school, but with the great invention of Facebook, everyone from high school was able to find each other and reconnect. Kevin and I would chat on Facebook from time to time and would comment or like each others pics. A couple of years after we reconnected, we decided we should meet up and hang out. We decided to see the Surfs movie and then walk around in the mall. Seeing each other after so many years did not matter when we reconnected, it was as if we had been speaking to each other everyday. Conversation flowed, and from there we hung out more often.

A couple of years after, we started developing feelings for each other, but was too shy and scared to say anything. His best friend realized what was happening and pulled us both separately aside to see how we felt about each other. We both denied the feelings, but his best friend was not fooled. Eventually I decided to do something about it, and I told his best friend that I had lied, I really did like him. I came to find out he liked me to!

One day I had to run a quick errand and asked Kevin if he would take me quickly because something was wrong with my car. He was working out at the gym with his best friend when Kevin told him he was taking me to run a quick errand. His best friend told him take a shot of vodka and ask me out. Kevin did not take the shot of vodka, but he did tell me in his typical, sweet way that he liked me. I then told him I liked him to. That was over 5 years ago.

Fast forward five years, and I could not imagine being with any other person. They really do say when the right one comes along, you will know why it did not work out with the rest and no statement could ever be more true! We have both been through dark times, but were there for each other every step of the way. The things he has done for me and helped me through, no other person would do. I am eternally grateful, and could never repay him back for all that he has done.

Central park is our favorite place in the entire world. We had our first date there, and simply walking through and exploring the park together is so de-stressing. My best friend had taken a photo of us on our first date there by a gorgeous lake surrounded by a bridge that connects you to another part of the park.

On my birthday, Kevin told me don’t ask where we are going, just sit in the car. I did what I was told, and next thing I know we are taking the Long Island Rail Road to the city. We walked through Times Square and got to central park. He then started looking for the lake, but could not find it ( I am the Navigator in the relationship). I directed him to where it was. There he decided we should take a photo by a specific spot near the lake. He is not interested in photos, so it confused me why he wanted to take a photo in that very spot. We asked a very nice gentleman if he would take the photo for us, he obliged. He snapped a photo of us, and then next thing you know, Kevin is down on one knee asking me to marry him. He wanted to propose in the same spot where my best friend took the photo on our first date 5 years ago. I never knew this sweet, hilarious boy I met in high school would one day make all of my dreams come true. He could not have done a more romantic proposal. He chose a Vera Wang classic princess cut diamond ring, with a sapphire embedded underneath the diamond. It’s the most gorgeous ring ever and is a ring I would absolutely choose. Sapphire is actually my birthstone as my birthday is in September, he chose the ring not knowing there was a sapphire in it. Just goes to show you that some things are meant to be!

We then went to see Wicked on Broadway which was a fantastic way to end the night. It will definitely be a birthday I will not forget in the years to come.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Central Park

Kavita and Kevin's Engagement in Central Park