Katya and Jae

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How We Met

Jae and I first crossed paths several years ago at a church conference. He remembers seeing me with my family but I have no memory of him. Fast forward to the end of 2019 and I came across his FB page and realized we had several mutual friends. Sometime in January of 2020, I sent him a friend request and shortly after he DM’d me and we started talking. He asked me out three times. The first two times I didn’t give him a yes. But after some more time spent together being intentional about getting to know one another better, I quickly realized what a great man he was. I had never had a man put in so much effort and be so consistent in pursuing me. He not only said he cared and loved me, he went out of his way to show it too. Not only did he win me over, he won all of my family over as well.

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How They Asked

Jae and I had been talking about wanting to get married. He had started asking me more detailed questions about what kind of rings I liked, what my ideal proposal looked like, etc. He’s not good at keeping secrets from me so I quickly figured out a proposal was happening soon. Jae took me to Cox Arboretum, a park we both loved. He had been nagging me all week about my plans for this specific day.

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He told me to dress up and make sure I brought my phone so we can take some nice pics. While walking on one of the trails, he stopped me at a wooden bridge over a waterfall and got on his knee. He had spent the last couple of weeks writing down what he wanted to say at this moment. He asked me to be his wife and of course, I said yes. I can’t picture doing life with anyone else.

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