Katya and Hunter

How We Met: Hunter and I met in the summer of 2011. I was sixteen years old on my way down to Dayton, Tennessee with my church in Northern Virginia to New Camp. Hunter was eighteen years old and lived a “grueling” 40 minutes away from camp in which he attended with his church. We both were their to eagerly learn more about Jesus and little did we know, He would present to me my future husband along the way.

In camp, we were assigned into different groups, I was part of the cantaloupe group. On June 26, 2011 I walked into our New Camp U time in which 3 different groups met together to hear a little sermon before breaking up into our groups. I walked in the room and literally felt the Holy Spirit. I saw the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever saw and I felt the world spinning.

Our eyes interlocked and I made sure to sit behind this boy. Later that day we found out we both were on the cantaloupe team and that week of camp we were inseparable. As camp finished later that week, my stomach began turning into knots knowing that we might never see each other again because I was in Northern Virginia and he was in a little town in Georgia..How we met Hunter asked for my number and for a whole year, we talked until the next camp. Long story short, I transferred to attend college in Georgia and we fell even more in love.


how they asked: It was the last day of finals from my intense semester of the Education Program at my school in Georgia. I had a total of three finals that day, the last one was going to end at 5:30 pm. As we took out finals we found out that we would be taking the last final 2 hours earlier. In that instant I text Hunter to let him know we could meet earlier than I thought.

He texted back very quickly letting me know “oh okay?! :D” I finished my final eagerly and I drove to his house to see our friend at the door, I walked in already confused and then my heart stopped. Before me I saw my best friend, my sister in Christ Adrian Hurdle. She had in her hand a carnation and a letter.

I could not believe she was in Georgia, Hunter flew her down so that she could be part of this big moment in my life. I opened my note and I read that I had to put on my favorite dress and head to Sonic. Kendyl and Adrian were my guides as I drove.

At Sonic Hunter had arranged we all get some drinks. The manager handed me my next card and it stated that I had an appointment at the nail salon. The nail salon took longer than planned (2 hours waiting) and after getting all our nails done, I was allowed to open my final card. It said to go to Elsie Holmes, and there he was standing…… my handsome future husband.

Future husbandhow they asked