Katy and Vadim

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How We Met

A spontaneous trip visiting my sister in Georgia changed my life forever. On October 20, 2013 I met Vadim at New Life Church near the stair case on the second floor. It was love at first sight, for the both of us! Vadim was standing near the steps and I was walking passed him while he reached out his hand to introduce himself. I remember he was smiling and holding my hand for at least about a minute. After church he joined us for lunch and I invited him over for tea. We spent a few hours together and I was in awe the whole time. After coming back home to Washington, he finally texted me a couple weeks later. I moved to Georgia on December 19th to live with my sister. Three days later we started dating and it has been a dream since day one.

how they asked

Thursday night, September 18, 2014 I said YES to the man of my dreams. We planned a romantic dinner date before Vadim was to fly out on another out of state project for work. I was completely blown away and surprised when he asked the question I’ve only been dreaming about.

After dinner, we got some coffee and Vadim was surprising me by going to a nearby park for a romantic walk and some star gazing. My favorite! When we got to the park we started heading towards one of the swings near the lake. As we were getting closer, he touched the bench swing and said that it was wet and we should try the other one on the other side. (It was totally dry..)

We were passing a gazebo that was on the water when Vadim started pulling my hand towards it. As soon as I heard the words “hey babe” and made my first step inside, the whole gazebo lights up, the song “Faithfully” by Journey turns on and a million stars are above us with rose petals covering the floor.

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My first thought and reaction was oh no, we’re going to ruin someone’s proposal and that we had to get out! But before I could say anything, we were in the middle and Vadim was down on one knee with a ring in hand and that’s when I heard the words “will you marry me?” My answer was “eeeek YES eeek” with probably some more squeaks from all the excitement!!! The ring was stunning, it was my dream ring!

It was something from a fairy tale story. Lights wrapped around the gazebo, white string banners all around the rails, a disco ball on the very top of the gazebo with a projector light shining directly on it to imitate the look of stars which reflected around the whole gazebo and slow dancing. Now imagine all that reflecting on the water. It was a dream proposal.

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