Katy and Robert

Where to Propose in Brasstown Bald, Georgia

How We Met

I’m from Maryland and my fiancé is from Florida, but we met in Winston-Salem, North Carolina when we both moved there for jobs at the same advertising agency. Robert says he remembers the moment he felt feelings for me when I was walking down a hallway at work, but I was pretty oblivious. After being friends for months, he kissed me one night (at a Jimmy Johns after going out at the bars no less) and it changed everything – we started dating soon after. We were having the best time exploring North Carolina together with great new friends when…we were both laid off from our jobs. We knew our feelings were serious even though we’d only been dating for a short time, so we ended up moving together to Knoxville, TN. But, because we both have a travel bug and move a lot, after less than a year we packed up again and moved to Atlanta, Georgia – our current home. In Atlanta, we bought a house and adopted a dog because her name was Salem (which was meant to be).

Katy and Robert's Engagement in Brasstown Bald, Georgia

How They Asked

After living in Atlanta for a little more than a year, one day I asked Robert if we could take a Friday off work together and just have an “adventure day”. He was all about the idea, and said he wanted to plan some fun activities. In the morning, he scheduled a couples massage at a local spa, which was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. Then, we packed a little picnic lunch and drove up to a beautiful winery in North Georgia. Per usual for our adventure days, Robert brought his GoPro with him and we recorded silly videos throughout the day. Then, we hit the road again (I fell asleep in the car after all that wine tasting).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brasstown Bald, Georgia

We took winding roads up to Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia. It was a bit of a hike to get to the top near the observation tower, but the view was amazing and the sun was just beginning to set. The next thing I remember, Robert got down on one knee and said something about how we were at the highest point in Georgia and I always make him feel his highest. Then, he opened a small black box with the most beautiful engagement ring I’ve ever seen inside! Two photographers nearby that I thought were other hikers popped out to capture the moment. The proposal was an amazing whirlwind – the photographers had us move around the observation deck to take some incredible photos as the sun was setting. At one point, as we turned a corner, my entire family and Robert’s entire family ran up the stairs of the observation deck and surprised me! We’re both so close with our families but live so far away from them, so the fact that he was able to coordinate all of their schedules so they could come to our engagement was incredibly special for me.

After hugs, champagne toasting, and maybe a few happy tears, we hiked back down and got into our cars. Little did I know, Robert had planned a whole weekend full of surprises. He reserved a huge cabin nearby for everyone to stay at for the weekend – our parents, our brothers, my sister, and a couple of significant others. We cooked dinner that night at the cabin and spent time together as one family unit – it was actually the first time that our parents had met each other because they live so far apart!

The next day, a bunch of our friends drove or flew in to share in the celebrations. We explored the towns in North Georgia and went to a couple of wineries, ending the day back at the cabin where Robert had hired a personal chef to cook an Italian dinner for our whole crew. He even had friends from Winston-Salem and Knoxville bring some of our favorite local things from those cities that we had lived in, like whiskey and pints of ice cream.

At the end of the weekend, I was so full of love and couldn’t have been happier. On our way home, our car radio made static noises around every turn in the North Georgia hills. But, I’m not kidding, as we rounded a bend “our song” came through clear on the radio. It isn’t a very popular song, so we often text each other when we hear it on rare occasions. At this moment, we took it as a sign – everything was meant to be. It was the perfect conclusion to our engagement weekend.

Also, remember all that GoPro footage we took? I turned it into a video of our engagement weekend! You can view it here, but I keep the video private because it uses music: (password: katyrobert19).

Our Video

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