Katy and Noah

Image 1 of Katy and Noah

How We Met

In winter 2016 Noah moved to Indiana with his family. It was the winter and in the spring he started doing track and hanging out with the group of youth group guys and I always thought he was super sweet and it was so easy to talk to him. The year after everything started for us.

How They Asked

Once COVID hit, I was very unsure that we would get to go hiking or do anything this summer. I had no idea that my then-boyfriend had a ring, let alone asked my dad. Before that, I had a dream that he would propose at Hocking Hills State Park at the devil’s bathtub, his favorite place. April 19th, he asked me to go on a walk after I got done working out with and I’m like, this is weird; he never asks me. As we start walking, he’s said we were going to our church, which was right down the road, and I’m like, why can’t we go around the neighborhood, and he replied saying he wanted to change it up. Then a couple of minutes go by, and he goes, so have you had any dreams lately? And I’m like not really that I can remember. As we approach the church parking lot, he starts talking about how we first met and how he thought I liked him when I didn’t. I knew something was up. We walk over to where our youth group used to meet, and he goes, so I had a dream that I got down on one knee ( as he said that he got down on one knee) and asked you to marry me, and we could grow old together. I was like, I’ve waited a long time for this and was so excited I cried.