Katy and Max

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How We Met

About 10 years ago I got into The George Washington University, My sister’s Mother-in-Law told me to “Facebook” her friend’s son who also got in. We began messaging each other the months leading up to freshman year. It turns out we were neighbors in the same dorm (out of all the dorms and all the floors to be on)- which was a huge and welcome coincidence. We dated for about 3 months our freshman year, but it didn’t work out. I was a ruthless party animal and just not ready to settle down.

We had a very dramatic falling out- one I joke we could write a book about but always found our way back together (at least once) every year since. We rekindled 2 Decembers ago In Miami. And I ended up moving in with him 6 months later. 10 years later, we;re engaged. (this photo was taken freshman year) The ring on my finer is one my sister made me many years ago.)

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how they asked

I was leaving our home in Miami to see family for Thanksgiving. I was sad to be leaving him and gave him a huge hug goodbye. When I arrived in NJ my family planned a family day the next day in NYC (Thanksgiving day). This is very typical for my family to plan activities etc. My sister informed me about this Sea glass Carousel at Battery Park, it looked very cool and different compared to walking around a museum. I was completely oblivious to how the day was about to unfold. My mom was helping me get dressed that morning- something she always does and then we drove into the city. We got to the carousel and couldn’t tell anything was different- my dad was snapping pictures as he always does when the family gets together. During the carousel ride my favorite song came on and My sister and i were dancing and really enjoying ourselves. When the ride was over we both said we wanted to stay on for another ride.

All of a sudden my now fiance- Max appeared out of no where. This was the most surprised and shocked I had ever been. I thought he was at work in Miami. Apparently he flew at 3 am (while I was asleep so his phone was never off or anything). And had been hiding on the carousel while we were riding it. He got down on one knee and I couldn’t even let him speak.

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I was in tears and just kept kissing him, finally saying yes and allowing him to put the ring on.

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We got to ride the carousel again, this time together and with the help of the staff at the sea-glass carousel we got a nice little shout out and congratulations.

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My sister came running up to me and put a beanie on my head that read “taken” immediately after. Lucky for us, my brother in law got the whole thing on video. I love reliving this moment so much there is no greater feeling in the world. And the added bonus was that my family was there.

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My sister even helped a “mini engagement party” before thanksgiving dinner. The only thing that was missing was my oldest sister who was on a cruise but was a huge part in helping make the day amazing. Instead of family bonding time, the weekend turned into almost a honeymoon in the city with the love of my life.

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We went to lavish dinners, were tourists by day, and stayed out all night with friends.

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Special Thanks

Ilan Hirschfeld- my father
 | Photographer