Katy and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew was finishing his sophomore year at Tennessee Tech University while I was finishing up my senior year of high school. Matthew’s aunt happened to work at my homeschool tutorial who I sat with weekly my senior year. I was telling her about how I would be attending Tennessee Tech in the fall and she mentioned her nephew who went there and asked if I’d be okay with her sharing my contact information. I kindly said sure and the thought never crossed my mind again. Over the summer I had decided I was not going to go away to Tennessee Tech and was just going to attend my local community college, however, I had not told many people about this change in my plans. Then at the beginning of August, I received a friend request from Matthew, who I had several mutual friends with, but was not sure how I knew him. I accepted and minutes after I received a message from him introducing himself, saying that his aunt told him to contact me about Tech. I continued to tell him about the change of plans I had made for college and figured that would be it. Matthew continued to pursue me through text for several months until I finally agreed to let him take me on a date October 14th, 2014. Since then, I haven’t argued too much with him about taking me on dates.

how they asked

It was my fall break as well as the weekend after my 21st birthday, Matthew had told me he had made dinner reservations at a steakhouse in downtown Nashville, but to be ready by 4, even though our reservations were not until 6:30… or so I thought. He told me he had a surprise for me, and on the way there I did not stop asking the entire drive where we were going. I spent the entire time (total of about 30 minutes) trying to figure out what was going on, attempting to name off places we may be going, asking for hints, etc. (Also, you should know that we had talked about the proposal and he told me it would not be until end of spring 2018, or early in the summer). As we approach our destination he finally decides to tell me that we were going to Radnor Lake to watch the sunset. Might I add that Radnor Lake and I don’t have a very good reputation because it was there that Matthew took me on our first hike together, and he accidentally took me on the long trail instead of slowly introducing this non-outdoorsy girl to hikes on the short trail.

(Our first hike at Radnor Lake– such babies!!!!)

However, I kindly said okay, still confused but Matthew does sweet things like this fairly often so I did not think that much of it. We pull in and I get out in my heels stating “People are going to think I’m crazy coming here in cute clothes and heels… they’re going to think we are getting engaged or something, but I know, I know, we aren’t yet…”. Matthew laughs and we continue to walk down the gravel drive. We begin to approach a large group of people and I said “oh my gosh, they must be here for an engagement or something! Too bad it’s not mine…” and as I finish that sentence we turn the corner and Matthew says, “actually it is your engagement”.

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I look around and there are pictures of us hung down the railing and rose petals leading to the lake. I could not believe what was happening. My eyes got blurry and all I could hear was cameras snapping, but couldn’t look away to see where they were coming from. I wrapped my arms around his neck still in shock, he then pulled me off, got down on his knee, opened the ring box, and said the words I was so anxious to hear, “Will you marry me?”. I, of course, said yes, he put the ring on my finger which I had no idea what it looked like because of all the tears.

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He stood up and we kissed and hugged (which is when I got my first real glimpse of the ring-ahh!!!) He explained that his sister Hannah (she was supposed to be in Knoxville away at school) and my uncle Shawn was there taking pictures, and the GoPro was set up recording everything.

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After I squealed and cried and hugged all of them, he told me that wasn’t all. He had all the important people in our lives at the engagement party, including the sweet aunt who is the reason we are together!!!

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Special Thanks

Shawn Everingham
 | Photographer
Hannah Lee Thomas
 | Photographer