Katy and Justin

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How We Met

We met on online dating. After about two weeks of virtual flirting and getting to know you questions, we knew we had to meet! Everything was just too perfect, the chemistry was definitely there, even behind the keyboards of our cell phone screens. Our first in-person date was at a local restaurant in Oak Park, Illinois where we enjoyed a lovely brunch around noon on a Sunday. After we ate and enjoyed many laughs, we walked to the park nearby and sat under a tree talking for hours.

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how they asked

J and I currently live in Bangkok while I teach Thai kids how to speak English. This past weekend, we went to Singapore to celebrate my 33rd birthday. We had reservations for ‘high tea’ at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Singapore at noon (same time we met on our first date). While having our brunch high tea, he asked me reminiscing questions regarding what we bonded about when we first started dating. We talked about how we would lay in bed for hours talking about and looking at funny dog pictures on social media, laughing and enjoying every picture or video together – especially my favorite dog on Instagram, Chester, the balancing dog (IG name: jumpforsoysf). Chester balances random food items from cantaloupe to eggs, to even bacon. From then until now, I would show J pictures of Chester regularly. During our brunch, he asked me to check my phone which was in my purse at the time. I grabbed it and saw a text message from J with a picture attached of Chester himself. But, it was no ordinary food he was balancing in this picture.

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It was a special cookie baked just for me that said, “Will You Marry Me?” then J asked me to check under my chair at brunch where he had hidden the engagement ring in the box. He got down on one knee and said, “Katy, will you?? You are the love of my life.” As I cried tears of joy, I knew I had to say yes. J had contacted Chester’s owner in San Francisco, literally across the globe, to bake and balance the special treats. There were two cookies: One said Will You Marry Me and one said Katy & Justin.

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When I saw the pictures I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought they were from Google Image! But nope, he made it possible to have Chester balance something special just for our one special day. I started following Chester when he only had 500 followers, before he appeared on The Chew TV show. For him to be part of our unforgettable day, means the world.

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It would mean even more if we were featured on how they asked as this is a dream of mine!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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