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How We Met

I wouldn’t call Josh and my story traditional, but it is my favorite. We met a little over 3 years ago on a PC game called League of Legends. I don’t know what made us friend each other after that game (it’s not normal for either of us to friend strangers), but for some reason we did and I am so glad. I have no doubt that it was God’s plan for me to meet and fall in love with this man. (With over a million people that play LoL, we had a 1 in 124,500 chance of being in the same game…) After multiple heartaches, Joshua has shown me what true love is. I never believed this kind of love existed, but his love gives me a glimpse of the love that God has for me. After meeting online, it took me years to give him more information even though I loved spending time with him. Every time I got home from school or work I would run straight to the computer to see if he was online to play a game, although many times we ended up just talking for hours on Skype.

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He became my best friend. Eventually I gave him my last name so he could find me on Facebook, then snapchat, and finally my phone number. He was always there for me when I was stressed or upset, and talking with him always seemed to make things better. A few months later we were Facetiming basically 24/7 and having deeper conversations than most couples do, but I was still adamant that he was just a friend. I even turned him down on Valentine’s Day which he is still upset over to this day. I finally decided to drive to see him over spring break in 2016. Friends and family all said I would come back dating him, but I swore he was just a friend. My mother and I drove the 700 miles to Tulsa, OK in 12 hours to see him on March 23, 2017. I finally met the man through the screen on March 24 and he was the greatest gentleman I had ever met. We fell in love instantly and I had to eat my words because we started dating that very next day, but I didn’t care. I knew I had found something special.

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Saying goodbye was rough that very first time as the fear of entering a relationship so far away from my loved one finally set in, but it was nothing compared to the months ahead. It was the happiest time of my life, but also the hardest. I loved every second we spent together. I loved reading the bible with him every night whether we were together or apart. I loved the way he made me a better person and challenged me in so many ways. However, managing trips to see each other while he was working a full-time job and I was in Nursing School was difficult, to say the least. We got used to plane rides and long drives just to see each other for a couple of days, but saying goodbye never got easier. We knew God had a plan though. We broke the distance on the date of our 7 months as Josh moved to Alabama to be closer to me.

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We were so happy to replace blurry skype calls and Facetime reconnecting in the middle of a conversation for real dates and face-to-face conversation. For the first month or so, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that he would be leaving soon. I kept checking my countdown for the next time we would see each other. But now that he’s here, we are so happy together. I never dreamed I would say that I met my significant other on a video game. It seems crazy to me, but we are incredibly lucky. And so, the small-town girl from Ballplay, Alabama fell in love with the city boy from Tulsa, Oklahoma♥

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how they asked

I had a good idea Josh was going to propose soon, but he did a great job keeping it a surprise despite my countless suspicious questions. We had planned a date to Texas Roadhouse for our 1 year dating anniversary on Saturday, March 25, 2017. I was making him a scrapbook of our first year together and he was “making a gift” as well. Little did I know, while I was working Friday night, he took everything in his Studio apartment and put it in the kitchen (bed, TV, everything) and set up the room for the proposal. (He also slept on the floor that night). He had tables with tablecloths, candles, pictures, flowers, sparkling red grape juice and champagne glasses, and the keyboard set up in the room. (Side note: the flowers matched even though he’s colorblind!

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He had to ask a random lady in Publix what colors they were, haha!) He had taken yarn and strung it from the ceiling fan to the corners of the room and hung pictures of us from it. He took lights and hung them around the room and made a heart out of them on the wall. It looked beautiful.

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When we went out on the date on Saturday, we decided to go back to his apartment to exchange gifts. When we arrived, I started looking on his key ring to find his key, but it wasn’t there. (He had given it to my mom earlier who was now hiding in the closet videoing). Josh seemed very nervous and said that maybe it had fallen off and asked me to check and see if the door was unlocked. It was and the first thing I saw was that the TV was gone. I thought someone had robbed us silly. However, once I opened the door completely and saw everything I knew otherwise. I instantly teared up because I knew this was more than just a gift. It was so beautiful and more than I ever expected. With a shaky hand, Josh asked me to sit down and then he went over to the keyboard and played “Prove Me Wrong” by Tyler Joseph, the lead singer of Twenty One Pilots. This song has been special to us since the very beginning. I can still remember crying as I listened to it while walking to my car after class one day shortly after our first visit. After the chorus, he transitioned into “Marry Me” by Train. I burst into tears. Was this really happening? I’ve always dreamed of having this song sung to me. I was in complete shock. He transitioned back into “Prove Me Wrong” and then turned around and got on one knee.

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He then said, “Katy, On a scale of 1 to 10, I love you a 365. And I promise to love you more every day than I did the last. Katy Marie Alford, Will you marry me?” (Backstory: Josh and I have always said we love each other a little more every day. He uses a scale of 1 to 10 to make decisions about everything and from the start, we have said that on that scale we loved each other the number of days we had been dating. Since this was our anniversary, it was 365.) I of course said yes, but it sounded more like a squeak. We poured up the sparkling red grape juice and toasted to our future. And now, I can’t wait to marry my best friend on September 23, 2017.

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