Katy and Josh

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Shawnee, KS

How We Met

We met at a fall retreat for a campus ministry we were involved in. I (Josh) went to the retreat not knowing anyone and very shortly met Katy and many other friends. All of us hit it off well and spent a lot of time together over the next few weeks. The week after the retreat I learned that Katy needed a ride from school to her house in KC. It couldn’t have been more convenient because I also lived in KC. ;) Of course I offered a ride and with the help of Dave (her dad), I gave Katy a ride home! Dave took us out to dinner that day and he still tells me that we were dating then even though we both say we weren’t. Well, we officially started dating about two weeks after that day on October 27th, 2014. This photo is the first photo taken with both of us in it (even though Katy is way in the back)

Proposal Ideas Shawnee, KS

how they asked

I (Josh) applied for three internships all in the Dallas area. Katy and I had also talked about getting married this summer back in the winter; however, that idea seemed so outlandish we all but quickly wrote it off. Well two of the three internships responded with a ‘no’ and we started talking more seriously about getting married so we could serve together at our church. We decided that if the third one said no we would get married. Well on June 7th, which just happened to be my birthday, we heard back and the news was good. I didn’t get the internship, we’re getting married! We told my parents that night and Katy’s parents knew it was coming. The next day I met with Dave and asked for permission, he was hesitant (joke) but told me yes.

Katy's Proposal in Shawnee, KS

Micah, Katy’s best friend, helped me plan the proposal and she brought Katy to me at Shawnee Mission Park two days after I heard back with a ‘no’. I made a video to propose which you can see below. She said yes and we started planning!

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