Katy and Dalton


I didn’t date much in high school because I really only wanted to date someone I could see myself marrying one day. So, at the beginning of my senior prom season I was worried about who I could ask to go with me that would make my Senior prom everything I had hoped for. I needed a fun, tall date so naturally I turned to Dalton, one of the silliest and sweetest guys at my church. I asked him what he had planned for St. Patrick’s Day (the day of our prom) and asked if he would be my date. He said that he would love to and even changed the date of a banquet to make sure he could be there. We had a BLAST! We took pictures, laughed, danced and truly had a ball! The next day Dalton told me that he had fun at prom and he admitted that had been interested in me for a while. Dalton had been waiting for after prom to ask me out on a real date and first thing the next morning he asked. Although I was weary of changing such a good friendship I agreed to go. Even after the first date I just wasn’t sure about dating this goofy guy that had always been such a good friend. But I listened to my heart and now, 3 1/2 years later, Dalton is the man that stole my heart and asked for my hand in marriage.