Katy and Bronson

How We Met

Bronson & I both went to Texas A&M. He played golf and I ran track. The student athlete community is typically pretty close and we knew all the same people but we l didn’t cross paths for the 3 years we were both there. I had a group project with a guy who played golf with Bronson, and our group started spending time at the Golf facility for our project. I was looking at all the team pictures on the wall and noticed a really good looking blonde boy in the picture that I’d never seen before. And then began creeping on Facebook. Never heard the name Bronson Burgoon before. So the normal not creepy thing to do is friend him on Facebook right? Oh, come on. You have all done it. Long story short, he messaged me on Facebook with a “Do I know you from somewhere, you look familiar” … and then began our messaging and texting which led to him asking me on a date.

I honestly never thought the date would actually happen. Then the Sunday rolled around and he was coming to pick me up. I wasnt feeling it. I had a track meet the day before so i was just in a sore, lazy, not getting off the couch mood. So my best friends had to literally talk me into it. I’m pretty sure they just wanted a bad first date story to laugh at… But I am SOOO glad they talked me into going.

Feb 13 2011, I was playing in the yard with my dog and not expecting much of anything out of this date. Then pulls up this guy in this new white tahoe. I was thinking, “oh great another rich country club boy”. I remember the moment I saw him for the first time, out walked this good looking, muscle bound, sandy blonde haired guy, with the cutest freaking smile. & those blue eyes. Dang. Like a serious Taylor Swift Song. He opened the car door for me and I remember being shocked. Like who does that? Bronson. Every time. He was very confident in this extremely attractive way. He made me smile the whole entire night. Conversation was so easy. I was instantly able to be myself. I didnt have to put on a act or be something I wasnt to try to “fit” with him.

The best part of the date was getting blankets and Railey, and going on top of this bridge that was still being built and closed down. Just laying up there looking at the stars and talking for hours. I remember looking over at him on top of that bridge and thinking this guy is to good to be true. Ill never forget walking down the ramp back to his car and just feeling so at peace. I knew I was going to marry this man. Getting home he walked me to the door, kissed me on the cheek and i about died inside. I was looking at him to try to find “the catch” the flaw, anything at all. Then that same sense of peace just washed over me again, that God had brought me him for a reason. And I am so grateful and thankful that He did. And that peace I felt the first night has never wavered. That night was the beginning of an incredible adventure.

how they asked

February 28 2015. So the weekend we got engaged, there was a crazy snow storm in Ft. Worth the Friday I was supposed to see Bronson before he headed down to South America for a month. I should have known something was up when my parents were like “Oh its okay, the roads aren’t that bad”, when asking them if they thought i should make the drive down in the snow. The roads were so bad. So I make the drive, or at least attempt to. It took me about 4 hours to get out of Ft worth. I called Bronson hangry and stuck, telling him i was going to turn around and not come. I was miserable. After about 7 1/2 hours I finally made it to The woodlands. Thank goodness I didn’t stay home!

Obviously being together for 4 years and talking about getting engaged/married I knew that it was something that would happen soon. He made me feel like he was having the hardest time finding a ring, so I really wasn’t expecting anything to happen this weekend. We didn’t have anything planned Saturday, he asked if we wanted to go to College Station and go to the basketball game. I never say no to Aggieland. I was so excited! Then later in the day he said he wasn’t feeling it and didn’t want to go. I had to talk him into going. (Jedi mind tricks). So still oblivious to any plans he had. We headed to college station and we went to dinner, I should have seen signs something was weird because I don’t think he said 2 words at dinner. After dinner we start driving to the game and he asks if we should park at north gate and walk through campus to Reed. I’m like heck no that is such a long walk and its cold, raining, and we are already late to the game. So of course I ruined his 1st plan.

Again, I should have realized something. Then he asks if we should park at Kyle field and walk, and again I’m like babe we can park right next to the basketball arena. 2nd plan ruined. We finally park and are walking up to Reed and I’m just talking and walking trying to get inside quickly still oblivious to how stressed out he is. It was raining, cold, no one was around but me and him. I thought he was tying his shoe. I had no clue what was happening. As I look up I see him down on one knee sliding on of the most breathtaking rings I’ve seen in my whole life on my finger. Saying something I wish i could remember, but all I remember is hearing “will you marry me” and realizing what was happening and the world completely stopping. I just heard God so clearly in that moment . I’ve always known Bronson is one of the greatest evidences I’ve seen on this earth of God’s unconditional love and grace for me and I know God wanted me to have that feeling solidified in that moment. I call my parents in the game to tell them the news not knowing they are almost to college station. we leave the game to get a glass of wine to celebrate. Walked into Veritas , turn the corner and there my parents and Brother are waiting to celebrate with us. 2nd best surprise of the night! He did so good! And it was all worth the wait! It still feels like such a dream. I am so excited to marry my best friend and very favorite person in this world!

it was so incredibly special that he decided to take me back to the place we met and fell in love 4 years before. Texas A&M was always a very special place for us and now it is even more special.

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