Katy and Adam's Elevator Proposal


How we met: It was June of 2012 when I met my soon to be husband on an elevator.

We lived in the same apartment complex and one (random) week started┬árunning into each other on the elevator. Same time every day for three days in a row. By the third day Adam worked up enough nerve to ask me to dinner. He called the next day and left a rambling three minute message on my phone. Two days later he took me out to a Japanese ┬árestaurant and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked: I was supposed to meet my friend at this new hotel in downtown Pittsburgh for a drink. She asked for a “tour” of the hotel so I happily agreed to join her.

When the elevator doors opened the entire space was filled with white balloons, each one with a picture of Adam and I attached to it.

They told me to go to the 6th floor, where he was waiting for me when the doors opened. He was so nervous he forgot his speech but managed to utter his first sentence perfectly.

“two years and seven months ago I met a girl on an elevator”.