Katrina and Troy

How We Met

I was working with a friend of Troys, and I asked the girl that I was working with to set me up with someone. This all came about because 6 months prior my brother passed away. I knew that point I was ready to date. So the girl I was working with gave Troy my number. It took Tory about 1 month to call me as there was something he had to take care of. Then out of he blue Troy calls me when I was Babysitting, he asked me out on a date back in our home town, you see at that time I was going back and forth to Ann Arbor to Hudson. So two days later we meet in Adrian at Garfield’s on a Blind date, at first I was not sure what to think then talking to Troy he was an amazing guy. From there out me and Troy have been together, we have been through so much but we are made for each other. I believe that my father sent Troy to me. I know my father would have loved troy just as much. There is so much more to say about Troy take so much and words can not express how much I love Troy.

how they asked

Well it was Christmas day, I was taking pictures of Troy opening his presents, then my camera dies, and he says” no more presents until I go and get batteries. So then I go and get ready so that I can be ready when we need to leave for Troys family Christmas. Then after I am ready and Troy has new batteries, he opens another present. So something new that was under our tree this year something I had been wanting was his brothers train, his brother had passed away few years prior and was very close to both of us. Then Troy hands me a screw driver and says put batteries in the train, I say OK, then open the train and there was a red package in there, and I open it shaking like crazy, then I caught him off guard and he forgot to ask me, then he does ask me to Marry him, and of course I said”Yes” we have been together 7 years we will be married this Aug. I am so excited to Marry my best friend. There is so much more to this story want to know more let me know.