Katrina and Rodolfo

Katrina's Proposal in The Mansion on Turtle Creek

how they asked

About a week before he told me his company had some big investors in town and on Friday we were going to meet them for drinks at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. When we got there we had a drink in the bar (just the 2 of us) and then went to our table for dinner. The waiter said I hear we are celebrating a birthday tonight (it was 2 days before). I turned to Rudy and said I thought we were done celebrating my birthday, he just shrugged and smiled. We had a lovely meal and then the waiter says I need to go get the dessert menu for you.

Where to Propose in The Mansion on Turtle Creek

He returned with a large glass Turtle and as he sat it down he removed the shell (or lid) and inside was a little black box. I was in complete shock. Of course, I said yes and then he said okay we need to go to the bar to meet my work colleagues. As we walked into the bar all of our closest family and friends were there waiting to celebrate with us. It was the most magical moment of my life.

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