Katrina and Nicholas

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How We Met

I can’t really pinpoint a day that Nick and I met, exactly. I know that we went to the same middle school and we actually rode the same bus every morning and every afternoon. My best friend Molly and I were (and are) quite obsessed with each other so we really didn’t have time for boys. One day, Nick was dared to ‘zap’ Molly on the bus ride home from school. In case you don’t remember, when you ‘zap’ someone if they open their hand before the time is up, you have to go on a date with the zapper. Molly looked at her hand and she and Nick were supposed to go out, but that never happened. It high school was when Nick and I started becoming closer. He became friends with Molly and I’s other guy friends from elementary school and we all used to meet up at the Chipotle parking lot to hang out. The Chipotle parking lot right? I never quite understood it either. Our group of friends would spend summers at each other’s houses messing around and giggling a lot. Molly and I were the only two girls in the group, and we never dated any of the boys.

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Until college. We were back from school on summer break and our group decided to go to up to Nick’s cabin in Grand Lake. Everyone could tell that Nick and I all of a sudden had a connection, and to be honest they were annoyed by it. They had seen both Nick and I go through relationships and they were scared that we were going to tear the friend group apart. Nick and I stayed up until the early hours of that night talking. This is something that we can still do together to this day. We are, first and foremost, very best friends.

We began dating when we were 20 years old and dated all through our twenties. This was not without our ups and downs, because neither one of us were quite ready to settle down at 20 years old. I moved to China and then to Puerto Rico, and yet we still kept finding each other. What we have together is so magical. I am his biggest supporter and he is mine.

How They Asked

Throughout our 8 years together, we visited Grand Lake together many times per year. Every time we would go up there, we would take this walk with Nick’s dog to this bridge we called Rainbow Bridge. It has the most incredible view of Mount Baldy over Grand Lake. In March of 2019, we were up there and we took our usual walk.

Once we got to the bridge, Nick got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me and proposed on our Rainbow Bridge. He even hired a photographer to take our pictures, which our dog did not like. You can see growing at the camera in the photo. I was so happy and surprised by my beautiful ring, and I shed tears of joy. I was finally going to get to marry my sweetheart, and of course, we choose Grand Lake to have our wedding.