Katrina and Joshua

How We Met

Josh and I met over six years ago through mutual friends. At the time I was working at a local hot spot pizza joint called where we first laid eyes on each other. He came in with a mutual friend after a bike ride in the canyon and needed a slice of pie and a beverage. I remember looking at Josh and knowing something was so different about him, but wasn’t able to put my finger on it (until today, of course). That same weekend we both attended a house party where we bonded over a game of beer pong. It all started when I needed a partner and Josh’s hand flew up faster than a stick of dynamite, might I add we ran the table the entire night (undefeated champs!)… The next day Josh sent me a text message with a picture of his pool saying “Where you at on a fine day like this?” I told him I was at work and sure enough he paid me a visit! Four months and many dates later, he decided that I would make an excellent girlfriend. Today we share unforgettable memories, a pug name Ralphie, but we don’t play much beer pong anymore! Though, we are a force to reckon with when it comes to Scattegories, Jenga and cornhole!

how they asked

Josh has never been a big planner or big gesture type of guy, so how he planned and executed this proposal so flawlessly AND without me knowing is still a major feat in itself! At the time, Josh and I were dating for over 4 years and our 5 year anniversary was coming up! It was also my 25th birthday year (and I am born on the 25th so it was my golden year) and it has always been my dream to get engaged sometime during my “golden year”. We had plans to go to Catalina for our 6 year anniversary that was the same week, so I had plans to get a perfect manicure beforehand and of course, a white outfit for EVERY SINGLE DAY of the Catalina trip!

Where to Propose in Cardiff By The Sea Beach

The Monday before he proposed he texted me saying that he made reservations at this pricier restaurant called Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff By The Sea in San Diego, CA. This restaurant is such a treat because its literally on the sand on the beach! I was SO confused and asked him WHY we were going there if we were going to Catalina the next week. I WAS IMMEDIATELY SUSPICIOUS. I texted his little sister asking her if I needed to get my nails done and called my parents hounding them for literally any clues. NO ONE GAVE IN… As the week went on Josh told me of his golf plans that Saturday morning and I sort of let go of my suspicions and hung onto my idea of him proposing during our little getaway.

Proposal Ideas Cardiff By The Sea Beach

Finally, Saturday arrived and I thought nothing of it, I woke up, worked out, got my nails done, and REALLY wanted to go shopping but murphy’s law happened and I couldn’t make it to the mall for my white outfits for the Catalina trip! I WAS SO MAD. Josh did everything in his power to calm me down, I didn’t even want to go to dinner I was so angry. So instead of getting ready for this dinner I binge watched Gilmore Girls. It was about 20 minutes til our reservation time and I finally began getting ready (those that know me know that if I had ANY idea of this happening, I would have been at a dry bar getting a blow out, make up done, the whole nine yards).

Katrina's Proposal in Cardiff By The Sea Beach

I threw on my go to outfit at the time and slapped on some makeup and found Josh doing something really weird in the guest room. The look he gave me made me so uncomfortable that I literally excused myself…(He was trying to stuff the ring box in his sock HAHA). When we were finally on our way, Josh realized that he “forgot his wallet in the house” and had to run back upstairs (sly guy)!!! hahah Well, we got to the restaurant. I ordered and ate everything. We ordered two apps, a couple glasses of wine, a margarita, an entree and even dessert! We had a beautiful table right by the window where I set up my phone for a time lapse to watch the sunset!

After dinner we were so stuffed and Josh asked me if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach. I literally really needed that walk and I didn’t think much of it so of course, when my time lapse was done, we went on a walk…. As we were walking down the beach, we noticed what I thought was a vigil in the distance. There were a ton of candles and roses and pictures. I asked Josh if he wanted to see it because I am literally so nosy, but I told him I was nervous to see it because we had such a great night and “didn’t want to be sad”….He said sure (of course) and we walked closer and closer. The closer we got the more familiar one of the pictures looked. I finally realized that that picture was OF US!!!

Josh took my hand and waked me to the little lounge area that was created and asked me the four (actually 5) words I have always dreamt of hearing from him , “Baby, will you marry me!?” and OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!

Out of the blue our friends and family ran out to celebrate and surprise me IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I later found out that our moms set everything up for us the entire day!

He also had a friend who is a professional photographer shoot the proposal which was wonderful because I want to relive that moment every single day!

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