Katrina and James

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How We Met

High school was a crazy time of our lives, for both of us. I was a freshman, and James was a junior. It all started with a text message sent from me, messing around with James, pretending I was his “stalker.” We had such a complicated start up, but long story short, we were crazy kids. If we were to write a book about their love story, it would be a comedy drama. It was a roller coaster with a destination to eternity.

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This was our photo taken by his mom before his senior prom. :)

how they asked

On May 14th 2017, James proposed to me. It was a very personal and intimate event. How it happened is such a funny story to both of us. For a week, I saw it coming due to many signs that I was given, so I was prepared for it to happen on this day. But on that day, I still didn’t expect it happening. That Sunday, he and I went out in the morning to eat some burgers at H&W in Merced where I live. He had a pastrami burger (which he didn’t realize would be huge), and I had a philly cheesesteak, both with fries. Good breakfast. We planned to go to Lee’s Community Market, an Asian mart, but it closed at noon because of Mother’s Day. As we were heading to Food Maxx, I started playing the Moana soundtrack, and You’re Welcome came on. When it came to the rap part of the song, he started rapping! I was so shocked, and I asked him if he remembered what I had told him when we both last saw Moana. He definitely did (Side note: I told him before that if he learns the rap for the song, I will marry him). We went to shop some for some ingredients for Yakisoba for our picnic that day, went home, and he helped me with some cooking as we watched Parks and Rec. We packed up, and headed out to Lake Yosemite (Mind you, a couple of days ago, he asked me what I wanted to do because he wanted to go on a date for that whole day. He said he wanted to go to Lake Yosemite and so I said to have a picnic). We found a really nice spot out at the very back of the lake, under a tree, away from most people, and laid our blanket and food there. We started to eat, watched the sky, and laid down to close our eyes, and nap as we listen to some music.

At this point in time I expected him to get up some time to propose to me… he did not. Instead, we relaxed, and a few moments later, he asked what movie we can watch at the theaters. So, by this time, I thought to myself that today’s just a regular date for him to test the waters so he can propose sometime in the future. I was okay with it… At first I wanted to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but he wanted to see Kong: Skull Island at 4pm. So I said sure. Then, he asked to go on a walk before we head out to catch the movie, and it was about 3pm by that time. We went on a walk by the lake, and found this beautiful spot surrounded by water of what seems to have been a dam previously. As we walked to the spot, he said along the lines of, “You ruined it, I was gonna rap You’re Welcome for you but you started playing the song in the car earlier and I couldn’t help it.” And then, he pulled out the ring that was already out of the box from his pocket, got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me?” I was in complete shock that I dropped my glasses because I was crying so much that I had to wipe my tears away, and said yes. I was shook. And couldn’t stop crying for a while. My dreams have come true. On another note, I thought he was going home that day at 5pm. When we were driving home before the movie, he said along the lines of, “I have to work tomorrow at 6am… Too bad it’s actually at 6pm!” Surprise! I thought I had to celebrate alone that night. I love James so much, I won’t forget this day ever.

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This is the view of Lake Yosemite from where he proposed to me.

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We walked back to our picnic blanket to get ready to go see a movie.

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