Katrina and Daniel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in London, UK

How We Met

Dan and I met on OkCupid back in June of 2014. We quickly discovered that we had actually met briefly at an event the week before at the college I had worked at the time (coincidentally the same college that he’s an alumnus from, which is why he was on campus).

How They Asked

On our first date, at the Starbucks we now live next to, we shared that we both have tattoos of our dogs – that’s when I knew I wanted to be with this girl.

I then spent the next five years listening to friends and family telling me: “you should really marry that girl.”

Well. Good news. You were right.

On Monday morning, Kat flew out to London for work. Monday night, I sat on the couch with our dogs and knew I was at a crossroads. I could stay home and my life would be the same as it was the day before. I’d wake up, take the dogs out, grab a coffee, go to work, come home, Netflix, and sleep.

Or…I could buy a ring and a ticket to London and change our lives forever.

Tuesday afternoon I bought a ticket.
Tuesday evening I bought a ring.
Wednesday I flew to London.
Thursday I proposed to the love of my life.

She said yes.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in London, UK