Katrina and Christopher

Image 4 of Katrina and Christopher

How We Met

I met Chris in high school in the 9th grade. It was young love and, at the end of that year, he moved away with his family and we didn’t talk for 3 years. One day, I received a message from him saying he was in my town and would like to know if I would like to get a coffee. We met up and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

The day he proposed we decided to go on a drive to the city and go to a nice restaurant and see the sunset. We do this often so I didn’t think anything of it. We enjoyed our dinner and he drove me to a nice sunset spot but we ended up watching from the car because there were “too many people there.” I agreed and we left to go find another spot down the road. Turns out that the other spot was a 2-mile hike to actually see the sunset.

Image 2 of Katrina and Christopher

By this time I could see that he was becoming frustrated and I was beginning to wonder why. I told him it was just fine and we could just settle for some ice cream on the way home and enjoy each other’s company. Little did I know he had other plans in mind!

Image 3 of Katrina and Christopher

On the ride home, he drove past the exit for ice cream and said he had another plan. He drove us down to the waterfront park where we first met after high school and he told me how much I meant to him and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I cried and I said “YES!” It was such an intimate moment shared by just the two of us and I will never forget it as long as I live!

Special Thanks

Elyse Pono
 | Photographer