Katrin and Philip

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How We Met

A few matches later, Tinder introduced me to Philip. Little did we know, we were neighbors for years, but our paths had never crossed until June 2015. Phil pursued me for a good month and definitely stood out from all other matches. I finally agreed to a first date as long as we made it a double date. Ironically at the last minute Phil’s buddy could no longer join and our first date was Phil with me and my best friend. To this day, I still think that may have been intentional. As soon as I walked into the restaurant and saw Phil, I had a feeling he was going to be a keeper. Long story short, we quickly connected and made it official over Thanksgiving 2016.

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how they asked

I was in Scottsdale with my family for Thanksgiving and we had plans to get dinner with some family friends, at their clubhouse (or so I thought). On our way to dinner, my mom asked to pull over because she saw a horse stable and wanted to check out the horses. I quickly told her there were no horses, but she insisted we get out and look around. As soon as I got out of the car, my sister threw my scarf on me, pushed me away from the car, and my family drove away. In front of me was this handsome guy standing at a look out on the cliffside in the mountains. It took a few seconds to register who it was and then I realized it was my future fiancé and this was really happening. He got down on one knee and without hesitation I screamed YES! Afterwards, we drove to a hole on the golf course where a blanket, candles, and champagne were waiting for us and we enjoyed the sunset together. Then, we drove home and we were surprised by both of our families waiting for our arrival. It was truly the best day of my life and we couldn’t be happier!

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Special Thanks

Liam Kroning (brother)
 | Photographer
Meghan Kroning (sister)
 | Planning