Katrin and Josh

Josh told me that he has been keeping the engagement ring with him for a year, kept it in his pocket, before finally giving it to me. He waited for the perfect moment to get down on his knees, which came one day of April when we were having our vacation in Tokyo, Japan with his family. As part of the tour, we went to Mount Fuji. The tour guide brought us to a perfect spot on the foot of the mountain, to have the full view of Mount Fuji in the background. We started jumping with joy when snow fell, it felt so magical. I was jumping with joy when suddenly, he brought it out, went down on his knee and asked me to marry him. It felt so surreal! A minute after I said ‘yes’, snow stopped. It felt like that moment was meant for us.

Image 1 of Katrin and Josh

Image 2 of Katrin and Josh