Katlyn and Seth

How We Met

Seth and I met at Bethel University, in Mackenzie Tennessee. He was there on a Baseball scholarship and I was on a Golf scholarship. At the beginning of the semester I was placed in the Bible class and I did not want that particular teacher and Seth was placed in a different Bible class, and he did not want that particular teacher either. Without even knowing each other, we went to our Academic Advisor and asked to switch to a certain teacher. The next day, we were both in a new Bible class. Since we were late getting into the class, we had to sit next to each other, because those were the only seats available. We never really talked, other than small talk in the morning before class. On Valentines day, Seth asked me to go get a Valentines day breakfast together… We still have not really talked at this point, so I told Seth no that I had class. About a month later, Seth had to miss a test due to a baseball tournament, so he texted my roommate to ask her for my number. Then, Seth texted me asking me what all was on the test. I told him everything that was on the test, and about three weeks later, I had to miss a test due to a golf tournament. Therefore, I texted Seth and asked him what all was on the test. From then on, we talked every day. Bethel University was three and a half hours from my hometown, so I didn’t think I would meet anyone that was even close to my hometown. The more Seth and I talked, we learned that he only lived twenty minutes from my hometown. We talked everyday for three months, then Seth FINALLY asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

Every year, we take family beach pictures, and my mom always makes a big deal out of what we wear, where we take them, and the sunset. Since she always made a big deal out of them, I didn’t think anything different about this night. We got ready for our beach pictures, and went to St. Andrews State Park, because that is where mom planned on taking them. Once we got there, we started doing family pictures with everyone’s families. My family was there, Seth’s family was there, along with Seth’s aunt and her family, and his uncle and his family… there were a ton of is there. Even through there were a lot of us there, we all did our own thing and were taking family beach pictures. Then mom said, “Seth and Katlyn, let’s get some of ya’ll together!”, which wasn’t weird for me, because we have always taken pictures together at the beach. We took a few pictures together and then Seth turned and looked at me, and said, “Katlyn, look at me and hold my hands.” My response was, “No!” Because it that moment, I knew what was about to happen, of course, that’s when I started crying. Seth or I can’t tell you what all he said to me in that moments, but I know he told me he loved me a bunch, which he does. I said “YES!!” We continued taking more pictures together, but now I had a beautiful ring on my finger in all the pictures. As we kept taking pictures, I look to Seth and asked, “Do my friends know?” Seth really didn’t answer my question, he just kinda beat around the bush. After all the pictures, we decided to head back to the condo to eat, where they had rented the event room down by the pool for us to celebrate. While walking to my car, I kept asking for my phone, because it was in Seth’s pocket, because I wanted to FaceTime all of my friends. Seth was like, “No, let’s just wait till there isn’t a ton of people around, just call them when we get back to the condo.” I said, “okay” however I wanted to call all my friends so bad, and tell them the news. When we got back to the condo, Seth asked my mom if we could go take some more pictures by the sunset, and she agreed. While walking out to the beach, I see my 4 of my best friends standing there in the sand. I run into their arms, in excitement. I could not believe that I was engaged to the man of my dreams, and that my 4 best friends, that live 8 hours away were standing there on the beach to celebrate me and Seth.

Special Thanks

April Walls-Mom
 | Planning