Katlyn and Mason

imageHow We Met: Mason and I met on Facebook (thank you Zuckerberg) 3 years ago last February! Our towns were just 20 minutes apart, so we had mutual friends. I was 17 and he was 20. A Facebook poke war started a romance so deep, it would be fit for a Nicholas Sparks novel! We were still so young, so we basically grew up together. A year later, I went off to college 4 hours away and things got hard, but we still managed to love through the distance. If he had all the money he’d ever spent on the gallons of gas he used chasing me across Texas, he’d be a rich man. Thankfully he says my kisses are worth more to him than money. How many girls can say they love a guy that’ll work a busy 12 hour day then spend the middle of the night burning the rubber off his tires just to get to her. I know I’m blessed to have him!

how they asked: I was in the middle of my summer classes at Tarleton State University, but I was still managing to come home every weekend. I had planned to come home on June 26th after class, so we could go dancing the next night. My professor assigned a lot of homework for the weekend, so I was conflicted about coming in. It was super stressful. I was so close to not coming in, but thankfully I worked it out where I could. Once I got home, Mason was being kinda weird. I just thought he had missed me a lot. All day he was telling me how much I meant to him and just being so cute. I had planned weeks ago for us to attend our first Painting With A Twist class, little did I know Mason had this planned for about a month longer than I did. He was sneaky and made it seem like my idea. So when it came time to go, I seriously didn’t think anything of it. We painted our painting and had fun. We both were painting separate painting that when held up together would say “I Love You.” We got through to the end of the class and the painting instructors asked us to take a picture with our painting. We all stood up there smiling and the pictures are snapped. To my surprise, Mason had switched out his painting for one that said “Will you marry me?” He dropped down on one knee and with the sweetest voice asked me to be his forever.