Katlyn and Dylan

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How We Met

If you would’ve asked ANYONE if I would be marrying this man, they would’ve called you crazy.

Fortunately for us, I’ve always been a little crazy.

Five years ago, I had started my freshman year at college. I joined a sorority at Texas State University, and I quickly fell in love with all of the sorority traditions that came with date parties and formals. If you are unfamiliar with greek life, it is tradition to paint your date a cooler and fill it will all sorts of goodies, beer, liquor, food, etc…basically the guys get spoiled. BIG TIME. I was always so busy with school, sorority meetings, and trying to stay afloat through my first semester of college, so I had to find a way to make money with my less-than-flexible schedule. I decided I would to start an Etsy shop where I could paint and sell my coolers to sorority women all over the US who were artistically challenged or just didn’t have the time to paint one themselves (they took me on average 15 hours to complete not including drying time between every coat – you can see some I have painted on my Facebook). My coolers quickly went viral on Pinterest, and people from all over the US were contacting me to paint their date a customized cooler. Dylan ended up following me on Twitter to get more info on the coolers, because that is what he wanted his girlfriend at the time to get him for Christmas! We became friends over the years, and we began to talk even more when both of our relationships came to an end around the same time. At first it was just talking to help each other get through the break-ups, and then we began to realize we had this crazy connection. We started talking sun-up to sun-down, and made plans to meet finally. He lived in Florida. I lived in Texas. It wasn’t exactly the most convenient situation in the world! I went to my grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving and got caught smiling at my phone while in the living room talking to the whole family, so naturally they started badgering me asking who I was texting! Haha! I told them he was a guy from Florida who I was interested in, so of course my mom just rolled her eyes and was like “yeah, right, like that will ever work.” We always joke, because my grandmother chimed in and was like, “Well I know this one couple, who had a friend, that had a friend, that had a friend, and they were states away too, and now they’re married and so happy!” Haha! I love that woman. Always making me feel better about my outlandish ideas. But look where we are now! We still bring it up around her…she knew best from the start! Anyways, we finally were going to meet, and I was so excited! He was going to drive to Texas to spend a week with me, but wanted to meet on the Texas state line in case his janky car broke down (He had family in Louisiana, so better to break down there than in the middle of Texas).

Disclaimer: I would not recommend meeting some random boy that may or may not be a serial killer on the Texas state line at 10 PM. Not one of my brightest decisions. Luckily, I am alive and well!

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We met that night in Orange, TX in the Walmart parking lot…#classy. I jumped into his arms the second I saw him, and we had our first kiss in that same Walmart parking lot…#superclassy! I remember it like it was yesterday. We talked for 5 minutes before we stopped at the gas station to fill up and head back to San Marcos, and I remember thinking to myself when he got out at the pump, “I’m going to marry this man.” I had never had such a strong impulse about anyone in my entire life. I just knew right away. We talked about life and sang to music for 3 hours straight until we got back to my place. We started dating that night, and the rest is history!

Funny side note: I promise my parents aren’t negligent parents letting their daughter pull this crazy stunt. I had actually told them that we met while I was on spring break in Florida that previous March while I was in Panama City Beach, FL. Just a little white lie…oops! As bad as that story sounds, it’s way better than saying we met on Twitter when he slid into my DMs…Haha! They don’t get the whole social media thing! We rolled with that story for a good 2 years…until last Christmas. We were at my grandparents house playing dominoes and drinking wine when my grandmother asked, “So I don’t think I heard the story of how y’all met?!” Dylan and I are both those people that never shut up, and I swear we had never been more quiet in our lives than in that moment. Just dead, awkward silence as we both looked at each other trying to decide who would talk first, and what story we would tell! Haha! My grandmother goes, “Oh, this sounds like it’s going to be a fun story!” And that’s when my parents finally learned the truth of how their sweet, sweet daughter ran off to the Texas state line just before midnight to meet some boy she had only talked to virtually. Classic.

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3 years later…

how they asked

Dylan had told me that he won a sales contest at work, so we were going to a dinner with his boss and coworker. I wasn’t sure where it was, but he picked out my dress and told me the dinner reservations were at 7:15 that night. We got to Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, which is a huge skyscraper that has a restaurant at the very top that slowly rotates. In an hour, you get in a full rotation, so you get to see the whole city lit up at night! We arrived a little early, so we walked around the observation deck outside of the restaurant to enjoy the amazing view of the city. I turned my head to point out something in the distance, and by the time I turned back around, he was on one knee! I started tearing up, but remembered I couldn’t ugly cry in case there was someone in the shadows photographing! Haha! I couldn’t say yes fast enough! We took a few photos, and then headed to dinner which was so, so good! I still can’t believe I get to marry my best friend! We definitely didn’t take the easiest route in the world to love, but it was so worth it.

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Who would’ve guessed after a few twitter messages, 727 mile road trips to see each other, a few bumps in the road, and a move to Texas, we would be here…crazy.

But I’ve always been a little crazy.