Katlyn and Andres

How We Met

Not many people can say they met through their parents, but we did! Ironically enough, our parents had been causally seeing each other for about two weeks before Andrew and I met. My mom, who is also my best friend, asked me to go to dinner with their family so she didn’t feel so out of place. I agreed, even though I can’t say I was thrilled at the time.

I showed up to an empty table and took a seat thinking to myself, “lets just get this done.” A couple minutes went by and people started rolling in. The entire table filled up but it seemed that nobody wanted to sit by me as it remained the only empty chair at the table. Somebody saw the discomfort on my face and said, “don’t worry, there is one more coming.” Well, that “one more” who walked through the door looking a bit tipsy and stressed because he was tardy was Andrew, my future finance and love of my life. The connection between us was immediate and at the end of the dinner he asked if he could take me rock climbing. The rest is history folks and for all of you wondering, we kept our relationship on the DL until our parents parted ways! Phew! That should make quite the story at the wedding.

Below is picture a few months into our relationship when we went to China to visit my brother.


how they asked

It was the morning before Valentines day and we were in Breckenridge, Colorado for his family reunion. We were staying in a oversized house with all of his immediate family and parts of his extended family. (Yes, this includes Grandma!) Andrew, being the caring guy that he is, arranged for a photographer to drive up from Denver to do a family photo shoot because it had been years since their family last did this. (Little did I know she was going to photo our engagement too!) Since Andrew worked so hard to get the photographer, I gladly volunteered to go early with him to meet her in order to help pick out the best locations for the family pictures.

It was around 9 AM when we met the photographer down by the bridge in the main square of downtown Breckenridge. We walked around for a bit, and then she causally suggested Andrew and I head up to the snowy bridge so she could get a couple shots of us in order to “test the lighting” before the whole family showed up for pictures. I have never been a fan of pictures but agreed to head up there to be a good sport. It was when we got up on the bridge and I turned around to grab Andrew’s hand, that I found the love of my life on one knee asking me to marry him. Truly the best day of my life.



Special Thanks

Mia Harlow