Katlin and Rob

Image 1 of Katlin and RobRob and I met in 2007, we were both in high school. Rob was in 10th grade and I was in 11th. We were in the same algebra class. We were best friends from the time we met. We didn’t start dating until about 3 years later.

Rob and I had planned on going home to Annapolis after Christmas. I wanted it to be a surprise to my family, the only people who knew were my mom and Rob’s parents. My plan was to be home on Saturday and have everyone over to my moms house on Sunday. Rob and I went to lunch on Sunday, I was so excited to see everyone I couldn’t eat. Rob was very calm and tried everything to kill time until everyone got to my mom’s. Eventually, Rob said that we could go to his mom’s to kill some time. When we got to his mom’s house, we walked into the kitchen and my family, Rob’s family, and all of our friends were standing there with all of their cameras pointed at me.

Little did I know, everyone was told that we were coming home on Christmas eve.

As I was going on and on about how it was “so unfair” that everyone knew, “I was supposed to surprise you guys!!!” Rob grabs my arm and said “well I have a surprise for you” and he opened the ring box. I started crying and hugging him. He pulled away and said “You gonna be okay? I have to get on a knee for this” He got down on one knee and he couldn’t even say anything, I shook my head and everyone went crazy. It was the best surprise ever!

Image 2 of Katlin and Rob