Katlin and Dylan

How They Asked

We met because his brother is now married to my best friend. When they moved in together him and I started spending more time together. Finally, after being friends for a few months he finally asked me out. I already knew his family and little did I know they were all pushing to make it happen!

We started dating a couple of years before we got engaged. He proposed on New Year’s Eve when the ball dropped at midnight. We went to a ball drop event outside so fireworks were going off as it was happening and it was pretty sweet surprise!

We love to stay in and rent new movies and going to local wineries. Dylan has three daughters. The girls adore him. This makes our relationship not so typical of others our age, but it’s made us stronger to work through some things other couples don’t have to. I love the girls like they are my own daughters and we are all excited to be an official family once Dylan and I are married. A milestone would be getting a dachshund named Cooper.



Special Thanks

Hayley Moore Photography
 | Photography
Byler Lane Winery
 | Engagement Photo Location