Katie and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I met at a time in my life when I wasn’t per say “looking for anything”, but what found in Tyler was so much more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. He was busy with work, I was busy with school. The timing wasn’t perfect, but somehow God always works things out in ways we may not understand, but aren’t we SO thankful that He does?! Long story short, Tyler and I hung out for a couple of months before he told me he was going to have to leave for a month and a half or so (he wasn’t actually sure on the exact amount of days) for a building project with his work. I honestly thought to myself that he would leave and I’d be the last thing on his mind. But, this wasn’t the case. Three weeks passed, all the while we were still FaceTiming and talking everyday, (we even kept up with our Snapchat streak LOL) and he told me he was coming home for the weekend. He came home on that Friday and stayed until Sunday. He then continued to do this every weekend until he was able to come home for good. Right off, I noticed how kind and thoughtful Tyler was, and he wasn’t afraid to show that to me. He came home somewhere around mid March and on March 27, 2016 he asked me to be his girlfriend.

It’s been nothing short of a fairytale since.

how they asked

Fast forward a year and some eight months, to Sunday November 19, 2017. Tyler and I attend church together every Sunday and have for most of our relationship. This Sunday was nothing different. We did our normal Sunday routine, and after church we had a get together with our church family to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. After leaving church, Tyler asked if I wanted to go shopping for Christmas decorations (Christmas is my favorite & I love decorating trees) so, I agreed and thought nothing of it. We shopped around for a little bit, when Tyler received a phone call from a golf course where he occasionally works. They were supposedly having “computer troubles” and they needed Tyler to come check them out. He hung up the phone, and told me he was going to have to drive over to the golf course to try to figure out the problem. Again, me, so oblivious to everything going on, said okay and told him I didn’t mind to ride along. The whole way there Tyler was using GPS on his phone to get us there, which I did find a little strange considering that he’s been to the golf course a million times – only later to find out it was because he was using the estimated time of arrival to keep everyone else (some of our closest family and friends) updated as to when we would be there.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Heritage Golf Course - Oneonta, Alabama

We pull up at the golf course, and I get out of the car and start walking towards the Clubhouse, when Tyler grabs ahold of my hand and starts leading me towards one of the greens. I began to ask him why we were going this way, to which he replied “let’s just walk this way”. I noticed a sign of some sort on the green, but it was too far away to read. As we approached closer to the sign, I read “You Will Forever and Always be my Fairytale”. I looked at Tyler who began to tell me all of these precious things that I can’t exactly remember because I was in complete shock.

Before I knew it, Tyler was dropping down on one knee asking me to marry him. I couldn’t even get the word “yes” out, because the tears just kept coming.

It was was nothing short of perfect.

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Katie's Proposal in Heritage Golf Course - Oneonta, Alabama

Tyler then pointed over at the Clubhouse where I saw some of our closest family and friends cheering for us.

He not only planned the most perfect proposal, but had planned the sweetest celebration party after. Tyler had our some of our favorite cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes, and he had arranged the room with pictures we had taken over the past year or so.

Tyler took every single detail into account and I can’t help but think about how absolutely perfect everything was. I’m still swooning over the fact that I get to be this precious mans wife.

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