Katie and Sean

Image 1 of Katie and Sean

How We Met

It all started at York College of Pennsylvania. While Sean was getting ready for his senior year in 2011, Katie was preparing to return to campus for sophomore year. It was the first day of freshman orientation, and as an a first-time upperclassman, Katie wanted to celebrate and watch the gaggles of kids looking for parties. Morgan, a mutual friend, invited Katie out and introduced her to a few friends she had been hanging out with all summer. One of those friends was Sean. As Morgan introduced Katie and Sean, somehow the conversation started with, “You’re good looking, and I’m good looking, so we should be friends.” And so it began… They became close friends over the course of the semester. Then on December 16, 2011, things escalated as break was nearing and Sean was hosting a band at his house.

Despite her 8am final the next day (on a Saturday!), Katie went to hang out for a few hours. The two started dancing to the band Free Breakfast, and after a few songs shared their first kiss on the steps. Katie left the party and could barely sleep before her exam. The next day, she went to Morgan’s, where she and Sean shared a moment in the kitchen. Both of them knew this was something more than friendship, but winter break came and they parted ways – Katie to Pittsburgh and Sean to Long Island. Over the month-long break Katie and Sean would talk constantly, sharing stories of their day, new musical groups, and learning more about each other (getting that strong emotional bond). Just about one month after their first kiss, Katie and Sean returned to York College. Katie just about flew into Sean’s arms and less than a week later they were official. (First picture we ever took together)

how they asked

Flash forward… Katie and Sean have been dating for four and a half years. They live together in the suburbs of Philadelphia with two adorable cats, Banjo and Nugget, and have stable jobs. They’re enjoying post-grad life and settling in. Sean is being pestered from all sides about proposing including his family, York college alumni, random strangers, and Katie herself. But he had a plan. Katie gets a call from her friend Nick, a photographer. He asks Katie if she can help him out with a photography project and be a subject this coming Friday, August 19, which she happily agrees to. She also mentions that Sean isn’t working, so he can join them, too. Katie loops Sean in via text to these plans and decides that Valley Forge park would be the perfect setting. He nonchalantly agrees and the plans are set. That Friday, Nick comes over after Katie and Sean are both home from work.

The three of them eat dinner and chat, and then head over to the park around sunset. They wander around, taking pictures as they go, and decide to stop on a small bridge with a trickling stream below and the cover of trees above. Sean and Katie start posing for Nick and, as it’s getting on in the evening, Sean asks if the lighting is good. Nick says yes, and Sean fiddles with his pocket. (Katie thought he was picking a wedgie, TBH) Before Katie knew it, Sean dropped to one knee and asked, “Katherine Mae Lamb, will you marry me?” (Or something like that… the details are hazy because all Katie can think is: OMG THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING – IT’S BEING CAUGHT ON CAMERA – OMG TAKE IT ALL IN – OMG – SAY YES!!!!! and all Sean can think is OMG DON’T DROP THIS – DON’T STUTTER OMG) After what felt like a lifetime to the two of them, but according to Nick was mere seconds, Katie screamed “YES,” Sean put the most gorgeous and perfect ring on her finger, and they kissed. The full album can be viewed here. And here’s my favorite picture from our surprise proposal.

Image 2 of Katie and Sean

Image 3 of Katie and Sean

Special Thanks

Nick Brocious
 | Our friend who took the pictures of the surprise proposal!
Blue Nile
 | Ring