Katie and John

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How We Met

The college we attend is a pretty small school, so we were friends just by knowing who the other was. It wasn’t until our sophomore year that we really started hanging out. My friend Tori and I would go to his dorm room and we would all play games and John taught us how to play backgammon.

how they asked

We met sophomore year of college and in the spring semester we took a theater class together. We started to hang out more, reading plays aloud together for tests and papers, like Shakespeare, Ibsen, and Moliére. It was romantic of course… but we were just friends. Flash forward two years and we are driving to the beach. I was feeling guilty because I thought I had just blown off a friend to hang out with my boy at the beach, but she was in on the plan. We drive to beach and I have no idea. We are walking along the sand, I’m watching all the dogs running by, and John is asking me tons of questions. All of a sudden he finds a rose peeking out of the sand by a beach house. He says, “Hey look a rose!” and hands it to me. I say, ‘Thanks, John but I think we should put it back, we don’t know whose it is they might be using it for something! Little did I know, there were two more hidden roses and after the second rose, I knew it was coming. He leads me to a beautiful picnic with a dozen roses scattered and candles and flowers and a basket with a book a plays inside.

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We have snacks and then he pulls out the book a plays, the book of plays we would read aloud to each other two yards ago. But inside there is a piece of paper, a secret play and he knowingly says, “what is this? Let’s read it” There is “pretty girl” and “boy” and it is the story of us meeting in the cafeteria, reading plays together, and walking to class. Then in the play, the two characters volunteer to “act” in front of the class.

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The Professor says, “Now pretend your madly in love at a beach on a nice spring day, and stand up and look at each other.” And the play ends. John says, “okay I guess we have to stand up..” We stand up and John starts telling me how much he loves me and how the past two years have been the best he’s had.

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And then he gets down on one knee and there is the most beautiful ring I have seen, the exact style and color I hoped for! Our friend was hiding in the sand taking pictures and I was so surprised and ecstatic. The best day yet.

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