Katie and David

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How We Met

David and I met on plentyoffish.com. He messaged me saying “what’s it like being the youngest of 4?” We started talking online then on the phone and finally had our first date Feb 18. The next day I had texted my mom and sister saying “I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!” (Elf quote). We were immediately exclusive and spent practically every day together from then on. We moved in together in August. David and I constantly “write ” secrets on each other with our fingers. My first secret? That I loved him. His first secret? He was going to make me his wife one day.

how they asked

David wrote a secret on me in October 2016 and told me I couldn’t know what he wrote until our anniversary, February+ 18. I hate surprises. But I waited, impatiently, hoping it would be a proposal. So it was finally our anniversary and we went to a romantic dinner. Well dinner came and went, no proposal. So I assumed it wasn’t happening yet. The next day he took me to a beautiful spa/resort and we got facials and a gorgeous dinner, still nothing. We spent the night and got up the next morning and got massages. Just as we were leaving the hotel to head home, David takes a right turn into a gazebo! This was it!

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He looked at me and said ” two days into our second year, do you still love me?” I smiled and said “of course I do!” Then he said “do you still want to be with me forever?” “Yes.” “Then I have to ask…” And he got down on one knee took out a ring box and said “will you marry me?” “Yes!!!”

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And I started crying and kissing the man of my dreams. A minute later his sister and brother in law come out from behind the bushes, they were taking pictures and they took that picture of us kissing just moments after my handsome man asked me to be his forever.

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