Katie and Cooper's Proposal at Tiffany's

How We Met: Andrew and I met through my older sister. About 8 years ago, they graduated high school together. I always had a massive crush on him, but never thought a girl like me would end up with a guy like him. We talked briefly but parted ways about 3 years before we actually began dating. Then one day, Andrew challenged me to the popular “Trivia Crack” game but I had to promise that I would go on a date with him if he won. I later found out that he cheated just to get a date with me!Image 5 of Katie and Cooper's Proposal at Tiffany's

how they asked: On Saturday, July 11th, 2015, Andrew and I, along with eight other members of my family had purchased tickets to attend the Garth Brooks concert in New Orleans. Knowing that my family would not be leaving until 2:00 in the afternoon, I suggested that we go to brunch and walk along the River Walk. We left early and arrived in New Orleans where we popped in and out of stores enjoying ice cream and each others company. It was reaching 100 degrees so we both agreed to go sit in the air condition for a while. I suggested we go shopping in Canal Place shopping center to burn some time. When we walked through the doors my eyes caught site of a Tiffany’s. Being obsessed with Audrey Hepburn’s, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and being an avid follower of their products, I begged Andrew to take a walk through with me. He reluctantly agreed as long as I agreed to walk around first. When we finally walked into Tiffany’s I grazed from glass case to glass case “ooing and awing” over the selection of pearl strings, until finally I reached the diamond room. I looked at each little ring as Andrew stood behind me. As I crossed the showroom floor to approach the glass case on the opposite wall I noticed an individual podium, lit up, and set apart. I glanced inside and on a platform was a single diamond ring with a framed note “Katie- Will You Marry Me? -Andrew.” When I turned around to look at Andrew he was on one knee asking me to marry him. French double doors opened behind him and out walked both of our families and Tiffany’s attendees carrying champagne flutes and Tiffany blue chocolates. Tears began to flow and smiles followed. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was brought to life and I was the main star. Image 6 of Katie and Cooper's Proposal at Tiffany's Image 1 of Katie and Cooper's Proposal at Tiffany's Image 2 of Katie and Cooper's Proposal at Tiffany's Image 3 of Katie and Cooper's Proposal at Tiffany'sImage 4 of Katie and Cooper's Proposal at Tiffany's