Katie and Brian

How We Met: We first met in college, somewhere during sophomore year through mutual friends. We were both in separate relationships, not having any idea of what the future would hold.

Fast forward a few years. We’d both graduated from college and were out of those relationships. We started texting back and forth every so often, just seeing what weekend plans were, saying hello, but never actually pursued anything to hang out. We decided that neither of us really wanted anything serious at the time. We both went moved away work, Brian in Texas and North Dakota, and I moved up to the mountains to begin my teaching career. We really didn’t have any contact with each other for the next year and a half.

I went out with my girlfriends one night and just happened to run into Brian at a bar downtown. I was in town from the mountains for the weekend and it turned out that Brian was also in town from North Dakota for a friend’s wedding. We were both really excited to see each other and spent the rest of the night talking and catching up. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we should’ve been together all along. The rest is history

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how they asked: We had plans to go to happy hour on Friday night with some friends that Brian works with. One of the girls (Hollin) at his office was coming over for nail night which was a normal thing for the two of us. We’d go pick up dinner and turn something girly on TV. Mid-painting, she asked what I was wearing to happy hour and told me she wanted to dress up. This was the start of me trying to ruin everything… I really wanted to wear jeans and be comfy since it had been freezing cold all week. She finally talked me into it and I reluctantly went upstairs and picked out a dress and heels for the next night. We planned to meet up after work the next day at 4:30 (sharp!), get changed, and then meet the gang at the restaurant.

Friday 11/14: I got up, packed my fancy outfit for happy hour, and headed off to work. I sent a text to Brian, who had been in Houston all week for work, at some point that morning but didn’t hear back until he had “just gotten through security, about to board the plane, sorry my phone died!” I didn’t think anything of it even still and went on with my day. He was supposed to land around 2:30 that day. To make things more complicated, my mom was coming over at 3 to unlock the house to let a guy in to clean the chimney, and then Brian would be home shortly after to take over and she could go home.

My boss popped her head in at one point in the day to let us know we could leave at 3 that day if we wanted to. I sent a text to Hollin to see if she could meet up earlier, and if not, I would go home and change before meeting up. Here I go again, trying to ruin the plan…She quickly replied ‘yes!’ so I wouldn’t go home first. At 3 o’clock I left work and called Brian to see how his flight was, and he told me it was good and he was almost home. He was planning to let the chimney guy finish up, and then would head downtown and meet us at the restaurant. I then called my mom who was at the house and waiting for the chimney guy.

I walked across the street to the building that Hollin and Brian work at and we went upstairs to change and freshen up. We decided to go to a bar close by to have a drink while we waited for everyone since we were early. We dropped our stuff off in our cars, and went to Katie Mullen’s which is right below their office building. The waitress came over and we told her we just needed a few minutes to look at the menu. Suddenly, Hollin got a message on her phone and told me she needed to run back to work to send a file from storage before the end of the day. She wanted me to come with her (and of course I didn’t really want to) but we bundled back up and walked back to the office.

Since Hollin didn’t have her keys to the office anymore, the doorman, Mike, had to take us up to storage. He was happy to do so and got on the elevator with us to the 17th floor. We got off the elevator and went to the stairwell and had to take a flight of stairs up to “storage.” He apologized and said to be careful on the stairs since we were in heels. I really had no idea that anything was going on, I was just thinking about what a weird spot it was to have a storage unit. We walked through all of the electrical stuff, heating units, air conditioning stuff, whatever it takes to run a building, and I could tell we were on the roof-but still.. not thinking anything of it.

We got to the opening for the rooftop and Hollin turned around and said “I think you should let me hold your purse.” I immediately said “WHY?!” and at that second, slightly figured out what was going on. She asked to hold my purse again and I turned my head and saw Brian standing there, suit and tie, sunset behind him, looking like a model trying out for the next season of The Bachelor.

I turned a little more, and there was Alex with her camera, ready to capture everything that was about to happen. My knees went shaky, I started to cry, and even though I really did know what was going on I just kept saying “What is happening? What is going on?” I walked towards Brian and he came up and gave me a hug, laughed and said “You know what’s going on!” Mike, the doorman, had come up earlier that day and shoveled the snow and laid out a piece of carpet for Brian to kneel on. Brian had a whole speech planned and got down on one knee. Of course my answer was YES!!!

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Come to find out that Brian had been planning the whole thing for MONTHS. He had gone and asked my parent’s permission and even got my best friend Hannah’s approval on the ring he designed before he ordered it. I couldn’t believe they all kept it quiet for so long! I’m a very nosy person and like to ask questions so the fact that I didn’t suspect a thing was so amazing. Hollin making sure nails were done and I was in a nice outfit was all part of the plan of course, and the night couldn’t have been more perfect. We are so excited to get married and share the special day with our family and friends!