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How We Met

Zach and I met my freshman year of college and his junior year. The funny thing is – I wasn’t interested in him AT ALL. Zach looks much older than what he actually is. I was at my first college party and was looking around and I met eyes with the “man.” I turned to my friend and asked why a dad was at the party. She started cracking up and said that he was on the baseball team. I replied, “What? One of the player’s dads?” We were cracking up as he was staring at me.
I actually was super interested in his friend and always saw Zach as “the creeper at the party.” It wasn’t until a few months later that Zach and I started forming a friendship.

It was extremely innocent, as I could never date the creeper. My friends would always joke around that he was in love with me and I would act grossed out. It wasn’t that Zach was gross or not my type – I just wasn’t interested. The summer leading into my sophomore year – we became extremely close. We had both previously had rough relationships and shared how we just needed good friends of the opposite sex. One night, though, Zach threw it all out on the table and asked me on a date. I told him, “Absolutely not.” I made up every excuse: I didn’t date baseball players. I didn’t date guys older than me. I didn’t date guys that I didn’t know for a long period of time.

I mean I literally used every excuse to not date him, but he kept pursuing me. He would tell me every night in the summer that I was going to fall in love with him. I thought he was CRAZY. I started dating others here and there — but Zach never gave up. When I got back to school, he shared how I was going to marry him. I literally laughed in his face. I shared how we were just friends and I enjoyed hanging out with him. After a month of school, I started becoming extremely ill. Come to find out – I had mono. I went home for two weeks to heal and continually talked to Zach.

The thing that is so special about Zach and I is our faith. We serve a gracious father in heaven who holds our hand and places our feet in the path that HE has for us. It was during that time at home that Zach was studying for his EX-PHYS final and I was doing devotions crabbing about how I wasn’t feeling good. As I was looking at Zach, I softly heard the Lord say, “Katie -I’ve given you the desires of your heart.” At that exact moment – I knew Zach was the only for me. I started crying on Facetime and of course, he was so confused. I shared what had happened and he just smiled — I told him I thought I wasn’t ready for the huge commitment.

A month or two passed and I decided that I was ready to commit to him. We took our picture together and I posted it on Facebook. Everyone kept asking me — so I knew it was time. I completely set him up though. I acted one night that he needed to bring me my stuff in his car and we needed to have a long talk. He was so angry at me as he picked me up at my dorm room and we drove to a park. He said, “Why do we need to talk? I know what you’re going to do. Just end it and let’s leave.” What he didn’t know was that I had a three-page note that shared how I was ready to give him my heart. After I read the letter, we were both crying full of so much joy.

November 15, 2012 was the day that forever changed my life.

how they asked

My dad had called me in the beginning of May sharing how he wanted to get everyone together for my mom’s last day of school -as she was retiring from teaching of 30 years. Since I live in Indianapolis and my family is in Dayton – I had to make sure that I called off work. That weekend of her last day we were leaving for Florida, so I told my dad to just book my flight so that I could leave with him and my mom.

We had everything planned and then Zach called me one night and threw my for a whirlwind. He had shared since I would be gone for 2 weeks that he wanted to have a date night in downtown Indy. I was taken back, as Zach never really plans things and he was messing up with my plans. I called my mom frustrated and she shared that he probably just wanted to have a nice date – that’s it. Well, that next week my dad called me and shared how no one could come in any more – so that I should just stay in Indy and fly out of there.

I was completely annoyed – as I’m such a planner and I hate when things change. I shared all this with my girlfriends at work and they were freaking out sharing how he probably was going to propose. I laughed and didn’t believe them — as I was leaving for Florida the next day and I just don’t see it happening.

WELL – the big date on Saturday, May 28 came up and earlier that day my best friend Abby had came into town so that we could go to our friend’s sons birthday. It was so normal and she was agging me on about my 3PM date, as she knew it had messed with my plans. Zach came and got me at 3 and we had a nice dinner together at Harry and Izzys in Indianapolis.

If you know me – you know that I love Grey’s Anatomy. When it comes to anything Meredith and Derek – I lose it. When they were in the elevator together with all those notes etc, I cried like a baby. Previously, Zach had asked how I imagine my perfect proposal. I shared how I wanted something that was “us.” I wanted it to be intimate and nothing extravagant.

Anyways, after dinner, Zach asked if we could go back to his apartment to pick up a gift card – as we receive coupons all the time due to living in a lively area in Indy. I stayed in the car and was looking through my phone when he came outside out of breath sharing how he needed me to come in and see something. Casually, I followed him inside and when I opened the door – I was bombarded with pictures of us all over the walls, notes throughout the years of dating, and rose petals everywhere.

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In the corner of my eye I saw that his best friend was there taking pictures and I just knew at that moment my life would be forever changed.

Zach led me to the center of the room and started reading me a letter. He shared how on November 15, 2012 – I gave him a piece of my heart. He then said that on May 28, 2016 – he is giving me something that promises me his heart for forever. There were lots of tears and laughs. I couldn’t believe it.

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He told me we were going to go to Dayton to celebrate with my family but he wanted to stop by his parents house first to show them. When we pulled up to his parents — they were outside having a drink casually. I showed them the ring and we exchanged hugs and tears. They proceeded to tell me that they had a surprise for me and that I needed to close my eyes.

LOW AND BEHOLD — all of our closest friends and family were in the backyard. I was bawling looking at all of the faces that traveled to celebrate our special day with us. It was perfect. We are actually getting married on my parent’s anniversary next July – so that will be so special!

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