Katie and Will

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How We Met

Although neither one of us originally planned on it, God had a bigger plan and lead us both to Troy University where our story began. We officially met during Spring semester 2015 during Greek Week. I’m a Phi Mu and he is a Sigma Chi, and our organizations just happened to be paired together that year. On the final day of Greek Week I was walking through the Sigma Chi house to talk to a friend when I saw that he was talking to someone. As I walked up to my friend, Will (my fiance) introduced himself to me, and we all began talking. Later on that night he asked me what I liked to do for fun so I told him that I loved to run and that I was training for a half marathon. He then told me that he loved running too and asked if he could run with me the next day.

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The next day as we began to run, I quickly realized that he was definitely NOT a runner (he was dying a half mile in haha). Trying to avoid crushing his ego or embarrassing him, I pretended that I was tired and asked if we could walk. So we walked and talked for the next 3 hours, and we haven’t stopped talking since! Now here we are over 2 years later, and I could never be thankful enough for Troy University, Sigma Chi, and our loving God for bringing me my very best friend, and the love of my life. People always say lying doesn’t get you anywhere, but I’d say we’ve come a long way since Will said, “Oh yeah Katie, I love to run too!”

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​*True Fact: Earlier on in the day we met, he actually saw me and asked a friend what my name was. After learning my name he then went to his best friend (before ever even saying a word to me) and said, “I found the girl I’m going to marry today” Turns out he was right :)

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how they asked

The summer going into my senior year and Will’s junior year at Troy University, I received a scholarship to study abroad the upcoming Fall and Spring semester in Germany. After months of FaceTime conversations, 7 hour time zone differences, and 4,773 miles between us the Fall semester was finally coming to an end, which meant two joyous (long anticipated) weeks of finally being on the same side of the Atlantic before classes began again. So only hours after finishing finals, Will boarded a plane to see me with a special little red box in his pocket.

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When I first met Will, one of the things I learned was how much he loved the opera. So on my first trip to Munich when I found out that there was a world renowned opera house there, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take him. So as an early Christmas present I got us tickets to go see Turandot on December 14th. But the opera wasn’t the only thing that made Munich worth visiting. Back in 1951, while serving in the US Army, my grandparents decided they didn’t want to wait till they were able to return home to be married. So on April 22, 1951 at St. Luke’s Church in Munich, Germany they said “I do”. Hearing this story from my mom, I couldn’t help but go on an adventure to find the church when I first visited Munich. With the help of a friend I found the church and was in awe of what I saw. That night during my FaceTime with Will, I told him about the church and he agreed we would have to go and see it while we were there in December.

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So on December 14, 2017 after arriving in Munich Will and I made our way to the church. After some time walking around the inside of the church, we made our way to a small bridge over a river across the street so that we could take in the entirety of the church and view from the same spot where my grandparents took the picture my mother has (Pictured above). It was there that Will got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”

Of course I said, “Yes!”

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As he slid the ring onto my finger he explained why the ring was so special to him, and why it is now that much more special to me. He told me how originally it was his great grandmothers, who he was very close to growing up but who had unfortunately passed away before Will and I met, and how Granny (his grandmother) had so graciously given it to him to give to me. Now I might be biased, but from the moment I first saw the ring, I fell in love! Not only for the way it looked, but much more important than that what it represented. Everyday when I look at it I’m reminded of the gift that Will’s family is to me and the man they raised him to be, the place where the path of Godly marriages I watched growing up began, and ultimately the love and commitment that Will has promised to me.

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So as I walked from the church to the opera with my new fiancé, I realized I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. Our families may not have been able to be there in person, but Will thought about everything to ensure they were there in spirit. Thinking about December 14th and the new phase of life it began, I can’t help but be filled with joy as I realize how gracious God is. To have allowed us to find each other so that we can live out the rest of this life serving Him together.

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Special Thanks

Brittany Driver Anderson
 | Photographer