Katie and Tyler's Flash Mob Proposal

How We Met: While Katie was at college she lived next door to two best friends named Jeremy and Jeff. One night, the boys went on a late night Taco Bell run. Katie tagged along because she heard that their friend John, whom she was interested in, was going to be there. Although she went to meet up with John, it was Jeff’s brother, a handsome and hilarious southern boy, who Katie fell for that night. They started dating shortly after that, and a year later decided they couldn’t live without each other.

how they asked: Katie loves to dance, and is good friends with one of her old dance teachers from high school. Ty coordinated with this dance teacher and a few of Katie’s dance buddies from high school to choreograph a flash mob. Dozens and dozens of both of Katie and Tyler’s friends and family members spent a few hot Saturday mornings at practices, putting the whole thing together.

Then one afternoon, as Katie was closing up at the bridal shop where she works, her boss invited her to come outside to watch a dance crew that was performing in the outdoor mall. Katie was sure that Tyler wasn’t going to propose until that weekend so she, to say the least, was surprised as their friends and family began to join in with the dance crew when the music started. The flash mob led Katie through the outdoor mall and ultimately to the gazebo, where a helpful security guard turned on the dazzling lights as Tyler popped the question. Katie said yes!

And they lived happily ever after…

Flash Mob Proposal (1)

Flash Mob Proposal (2)

Flash Mob Proposal (3)

Flash Mob Proposal (4)

Flash Mob Proposal (5)