Katie and Tyler

How We Met

I had just got a job working at a restaurant in my college town. I didn’t really know anyone that worked there. It was my first night of serving on my own and one of my managers asked me if I would buy a shirt from Tyler to support his fraternity. I honestly had nooo idea who Tyler was but I wanted to make a good impression since I was just starting the job so I said yes. Next thing I know, this guy comes up to me and is telling me “I heard you’re buying a shirt from me?!” I tell him yes because I’m still trying to make friends at this new job. I later realize that I’ve seen him on twitter before and had actually “Retweeted” one of his tweets about The Walking Dead before even though I didn’t know him. So I tell him about it, making sure not to sound too much like a weirdo. And he replied “You watch The Walking Dead?! Marry me.” He asked me to marry him for real 4 years and nine months later.

how they asked

We had just moved to Tulsa and we didn’t really know a lot of people. Luckily for us, we have a couple that we know from college that live in the exact same apartment complex as us. The girl that lives there is a photographer and she actually asked us a couple of years ago to do a photo shoot to help build her portfolio. About a week ago she asked if she could get new pictures because she also moved to Tulsa recently and is trying to get people in this area to see her work so she can get more business. I quickly agreed because she is amazing and I would never turn down a photo shoot with her.

She said she had a setup and location in mind that she wanted to use so me and my boyfriend, Tyler, showed up and started taking pictures just like the last photo shoot. All of a sudden I hear singing and the strumming of a guitar. I turn around and see one of our best friends from the town we met serenading us and another one of his friends recording a video. It wasn’t until this moment that I actually realized what was going on. He gave me all the reasons he wanted to marry me and then got down on one knee.

After this, Tyler told me he wanted to go celebrate. So we got in the car and I let him lead me to the next destination. I assumed it would be a restaurant, but it was actually the drive-in we had been wanting to go to for months. He told me they were playing my favorite movie. The screen turned on and it was actually a video he made for me showing him asking people their permission to marry me and video clips from our whole relationship.

After the video, he told me he wanted us to get out of the car to take a picture in front of the screen so we could always remember the moment. Really though, our family and friends from all over were there to watch the video he made. They ran up behind us while we were taking the picture, surprised me, and threw confetti so they could help us celebrate. It was easily the most surprised I have ever been and a day I will never ever forget.

Katie and Tyler's Engagement in Centennial Park and the Admiral Drive-In

Where to Propose in Centennial Park and the Admiral Drive-In

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