Katie and Tyler

Katie's Proposal in Columbus, NC

How We Met

Whenever I met Tyler I was so against dating anyone that he had to entice me with Mexican food and Cold Stone ice cream! We met through an online dating platform that was very unconventional and was only intended for giggles for the both of us. You see, a friend made mine and a friend made his and somehow we managed to meet our person.

We first started texting and I was “playing” hard to get, which I think Tyler enjoyed! We first met at Papa’s and Beer in Spartanburg then had a few random meetings after that where he would bring me my favorite ice cream from Cold Stone (Cake Batter, by the way). After trying many times to get me to go on an official date Tyler ended up putting it in my calendar on my phone to make sure I couldn’t make any more excuses. We went on our official first date on June 30, 2017. It was the most thoughtful and BEST first date I have ever been on, thankfully it was my last first date! Tyler took me up to Asheville to eat at a fancy restaurant with a view of the sunsetting over the Blue Ridge Mountains, it was amazing. Then we finished the date with homemade banana ice cream made by his Meme! Needless to say, he put a lot of thought into this date and I knew right then I no longer wanted to play hard to get. I had to make him mine. Little did I know that on October 28, 2019 I would be able to make him my forever!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Columbus, NC

How They Asked

Tyler has always been a very thoughtful man, he never wants me to be without and always strives to do everything in his power to make me happy. This was even more evident on the day he proposed to me! On my 26th birthday Tyler got off work a little early and took me up to Sky Top Orchard so that I could get the apples I had been talking about for weeks. After that he told me we could visit “my spot” in Columbus, NC where there is the most gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We arrived and I never thought anything of the guy setting up his various cameras and drone, we were even joking about Tyler wanting a drone for Christmas! I stepped out onto a rock to take a few pictures of the mountains and all of a sudden I heard Tyler say: “I’ve been wanting to ask you something for a long time,” to which I turned around to him on one knee asking me to marry him!! I immediately said YES!! I thought the day could not be anymore perfect until we got home and he had arranged a whole surprise party for me! Our friends and family were all at our house waiting for us to arrive and congratulate us!

I can honestly say without a doubt that Tyler is my forever and my person, I cannot wait to marry such a wonderful, patient, and thoughtful man on October 4, 2020!