Katie and Trey

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How We Met

I saw Trey for the first time in the summer of 2013 in the EPS building at UT Martin. We were both taking physics, and he sat right in front of me for the first half of the summer. We rarely spoke, and he only studied with my friend Alison and I a few times by the time summer ended. The one thing I noticed about Trey that summer was his love for Cardinals baseball, as he wore the same old Cardinals t shirts over and over (sorry babe). Anyone that knows me knows that a mutual love for Cardinals baseball solidified my love for him.

When the fall 2013 semester started I walked into my Chemistry 2 class to see Trey in my class again. For a few weeks we worked together in lab until I decided to drop the class because I didn’t need it for grad schools. I didn’t see him again until January of 2014, when I was hired at HealthSouth Cane Creek Rehabilitation Hospital. It turned out Trey was also working there, so yet again there Trey Tate was. It’s like it was fate or something haha. If you ask him, he will tell you I was stalking him haha.

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When I started work, he trained me and we sparked a really great friendship. This is where is really gets fun. In February of 2014 I was having people over for the super bowl and I wanted to ask Trey. So I was a stalker as he would say and found out his phone number from our mutual friend Alison (thanks Al). I honestly don’t know if I have went a day without talking to Trey since that very day. He started hanging out in my group of friends, and he became one of my greatest friends. We would work together, and then see each other outside of work with our friends. But we would tell everyone were just friends, so I thought. If you ask him he would say “he tried” to get me to go on a date, but then I would always bring Alison along. In my defense I thought he was just asking to go eat La Cabana as friends, so I would ask our other friend Alison..

This went on several months until May of 2014 when Trey finally made it clear what he wanted by taking me to eat La Cabana (Mexican is our favorite if you can’t tell), and then kidnapping me and taking me to the movies. Oh I forgot to mention this first date he finally took me on was a month before he was moving 10 hours away for physical therapy school. In June 2014, the day before my birthday, Trey left for Virginia. Since then we have been in a long distance relationship. Now he is nearly done with his physical therapy program, and I am halfway done with my occupational therapy program in Chattanooga, TN, woohoo future therapists! It has never been easy, but in 2014 we decided we wanted to make it work, so we did. Now I am engaged to my very best friend!

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how they asked

Trey and I were both home (in west Tennessee) for Christmas break. We were with my family for the weekend. On Sunday December 18, my cousin/best friend Tori asked me to take Christmas pictures of her and her new husband at our great grandparents farm. This was nothing unordinary since we always take family pictures down there. Tori also said she wanted a picture of me and her (this was a ploy to get me to dress decent because Tori and Trey both know I would show up looking like I just got out of bed, comfort > style always).Trey told me the night before that he couldn’t go with us because he was going to work at the store for his dad. I knew that his dad usually got trucks on Tuesdays and this is when Trey usually worked, but when I mentioned it Trey (without missing a beat) said, “it’s a holiday, so he’s really busy.”

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As we were driving down there Monday evening, Tori told me that some more of our family had been down there taking pictures, so they had it decorated for Christmas.

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Once we got out of the truck and started walking towards the barn, Trey Tate came walking out of my great grandparents barn on the Wallace farm where so many family memories have been made and asked me to spend forever with him. The whole proposal held so much meaning.

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It was meaningful enough that it was done at a place that held so much meaning to me and my family, but he also used his grandparents Christmas tree and wreaths to decorate which will be ours once when we have our own home.

Home (west Tennessee) and our family have so much meaning to us, so it was such a blessing that we had the opportunity to be home and share our special news with the ones that mean the most to us.

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I can’t wait to spend forever with this man! The wedding date is TBA (it required we set one above so I chose a date after my graduation in 2018), we need to do more planning as we both finish graduate school!

We thought Mexican would be appropriate after the proposal!

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Special Thanks

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